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Justice v Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 168

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"You put on some size since the last time I seen you. Look at those huge biceps, pretty solid!" admires Justice running his hands over the blonde muscle hunk's chiseled frame. "Bag of rocks, you like that?" asks Iceman18 flexing a double bicep as the vet surprises him with a massive sleeper! "I think you're all looks. Those muscles aren't helping you now!" taunts Justice as his victim gasps for air struggling to escape. The muscle beast releases and wraps his powerful pythons around Iceman18 pinning back his arms STRETCHING him out trying to break his back! In desperation, the muscle hunk summons enough strength to flip his captor onto the mat breaking the torturous hold. An intense struggle erupts as Justice uses his quads of steel for a crushing body scissors, and Iceman18 DOUBLE PEC CLAWS his beefy chest. Both titans battle for control as Justice transitions to a brutal arm bar! "My arm doesn't bend like that!" screams the muscle hunk; his arm seconds away from snapping. "It does now! Give up?" Iceman18 refuses to tap clutching his aching arm when he is YANKED to his feet by his golden locks. "Come on pretty boy, get up!" The ruthless Justice wraps the muscle hunk up in a tight full nelson, but he flexes out and is picked up in a quick rear bearhug! "Weak!" moans Iceman18 as he overpowers the vet and escapes hoisting him up for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug of his own! Justice coughs struggling to breathe and collapses to the mat. "Not that tough huh?" The blonde beast gut punches the big man knocking the air out of him then parades him around in a viselike headlock before SLAMMING him face first to the mat! Barely moving, Iceman18 wraps his bulging bicep around the dazed stud's throat nearly putting him to sleep but lets him go. "We ain't done! I'm gonna squeeze the life out of you!" threatens Justice as he stumbles to his feet and BARRELS in for a massive fireman's carry. Iceman18 screams in agony as his insides are obliterated on the vet's boulder shoulders, and he's tossed to the ground. "Might wanna think about getting up, stay down!" Justice flexes in victory, but his insatiable appetite for more torture continues: gut punches, brutal ab stretch, an ARM-BREAKING half nelson using his quads of steel, a vicious dirty trick, "I'm gonna make you submit!" Iceman18 rolls on the mat writhing in pain, "You need a new tattoo: Justice the cheat!" Things get down and dirty as these muscle hunks pull out all the stops to destroy each other! A brutal low blow sends Justice crashing down and straight into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! "You're crushing my head!" groans the vet as Iceman18 flexes his tree trunk quads tighter and tighter. The muscle Adonis is completely gassed, laid out on his back as the blonde beast pounces on top of him! Incredibly, Justice fights back with a grueling TRIANGLE CHOKE and arm bar, "I'm gonna rip it off! You like to squeeze people's head huh?" "No!" Iceman18 is in agony powerless to escape as Justice wraps his quads of steel around his skull in a brutal head scissors and leg sleeper! His face turns white as his hulking frame grows limp in the tight embrace. "One, two...I'm not done!" Unsatisfied with a pin, the devious Justice drags his motionless victim to his feet and picks him up across his burly chest, "It's time to break that back, snap you in half!" A DEVASTATING over-the-knee back breaker has Iceman18 howling in pain crumbling to the mat in utter exhaustion. Both behemoths pour with sweat as the brutal back and forth battle RAGES on: dragon sleeper, pec claw, scissor/sleeper combo, dirty tricks, chokelifts! "You're gonna wake up; it's all gonna be a dream!"