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Justice v Jacob Van Acker - Rough & Ready 131

$ 25.95

"You really thought you could step into the ring with me? You have no chance!" taunts the 6'1" 225lbs behemoth towering over the small newbie. "I know I can take someone big like you!" Jacob Van Acker tries grabbing at Justice's mounds of beefy muscle but is easily pushed away. "Come here little guy!" The beast wraps his powerful pythons around the rookie SQUEEZING his arms behind his back, "This is easy, lightweight! Squirm! Can you get out?" Van Acker groans in pain as Justice hoists him up across his boulder shoulders in a vicious torture rack, "How about I just break you in half? You don't even deserve to touch this ring!" "Put me down!" pleads the rookie until he's tossed down to the mat. Incredibly, Jacob SPRINGS to his feet and tries toppling the muscle giant lifting his tree trunk leg off the mat. The tower of power doesn't budge laughing at the newbie's weak attempt, "They should never brought you to fight me. Squeeze every bit of life out of you!" Justice wraps his bulging bicep around Van Acker's throat sucking every last breath from his lungs as he crumbles to the mat nearly passing out. Out of nowhere, Jacob surprises the beast with a brutal gut punch, but his rock-hard wall of abs deflects the blow! "Is that your best one?" The frustrated underdog trips the behemoth to the mat but falls straight into a grueling TRIANGLE CHOKE! "My heads gonna pop off! I shouldn't have come in here!" A devious smile sweeps across the vet's face as he flexes his beefy biceps, "I told you! Whose ring? Justice's ring, so easy!" Van Acker is powerless to escape the viselike grip of his quads of steel and feverishly taps out, but his torture continues. Justice rolls the lightweight on top of his mounds of muscle for a brutal ab stretch/full nelson combo. "Nice little warm up, I could even take a nap!" Jacob is STRETCHED to his limits begging for mercy, "Ahh my abs, please stop!" The muscle giant releases as the rookie pounces trying desperately for an ankle lock until he is kicked away. "Is this what you were trying to do? Tap!" Van Acker howls in pain but won't submit, "My leg, you're cutting off the circulation!" Justice is in complete control and UNLEASHES a world of hurt: an over-the-knee back breaker, arm bar, chokelift, overhead press! "You're in my world now!" A powerful BODYSLAM has Jacob struggling to breathe as the dominant beast digs his knee in the newb's back and yanks on his arms! Van Acker is in anguish as his chiseled chest looks ready to split at any moment. "I think it's time, see if I can pop that head off!" The behemoth wraps his tree trunk quads around his victim in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors then leg sleeper, "Justice always prevails! Go to sleep!" Jacob's muscles grow limp nearly passing out until the torturous hold is released. The unstoppable force continues his brutality ripping Van Acker apart piece by piece: crushing body scissors, guillotine choke, fireman's carry, chokelift, triangle choke, vicious arm bars! "You know I take arms as trophies. I'm gonna snap it!" threatens the beast as Jacob writhes in agony, "No more, I can't breathe!" The struggling newbie begins crawling away but has a secret plan of his own. In desperation, Van Acker grabs the muscle beast's arm FLIPPING him onto the mat and tries an arm bar but is easily overpowered again! Justice lays on top of the lightweight with a vicious cross-body arm bar as he frantically taps out, "No!" The 225 pounder mounts the helpless rookie's abs choking him with his meathook hand then puts him to sleep with his own arm! "Wake up! We're not done!" Broken and defeated, the brutal action continues leading up to a BREATHTAKING climax! "I love when they go to sleep; you can feel their breathing slow down!"