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Justice vs Dom9 - 4K04

$ 31.59

It's a match so dirty, so vicious, one wrestler nearly quits! A flex off has Dom9 and Justice comparing biceps and quads when Justice questions Dom9's muscle. "Is it real? I think it's fake!" mocks Justice shoving Dom9 away. "It's not gonna be fake when I whoop your ass!" threatens Dom9. The wrestlers tie-up as Justice breaks away with a tight full nelson shaking Dom9 around. Dom9 strains to escape dragged to his knees in a tight sleeper as Justice drives his knee in Dom9's back yanking on his arms. "Big biceps, those abs, I told you it was all looks!" taunts Justice muscle worshipping Dom9 as he groans in pain. Dom9 barely escapes as both wrestlers roll around the mat in double pec claws, pins, and vicious ball claws squeezing each other harder and harder seeing who will give first! Justice strikes with a crushing scissor/sleeper combo worshipping Dom9's beefy chest before Dom9 escapes with a body scissors/arm bar combo of his own. The 225lbs Justice strains to flex out of the torturous hold as Dom9 feverishly muscle worships Justice's rock-hard body. A blow to the abs knocks the wind out of Justice as Dom9 folds him on his neck yanking off his trunks. "What's this Captain America?" mocks Dom9 seeing Justice's star-spangled trunks. Justice explodes in a fit of rage unleashing his power with a guillotine choke, Boston crab, dragon sleeper, rib-cracking belly to belly bearhug, and painful titty twisters! Dom9 struggles to his feet taking the 225lbs Justice down with a meathook clothesline and wraps him up in a tight full nelson. The muscle worship gets even hotter as Dom9 and Justice try to tear each other apart. A crushing scissor/sleeper combo, over-the-knee back breakers, body scissors, chokelifts, smacks to the ass, and vicious ball claws has one wrestler at their real-life breaking point! How does it all end? You gotta see it to find out