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Eagle puts Justice into body scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Justice vs Eagle - Battlespace 104

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“You really can squeeze…”

Justice is one of our newest wrestlers and he’s already made a BIG impact – but does he have what it takes to ground the mighty Eagle?

Meeting outside on the mats, Justice and Eagle immediately start comparing their muscular physiques.  Justice is big and ripped, where Eagle is all thick, powerful muscle!  Justice has Eagle beat in the biceps, but Eagle’s HUGE quads more than make up for it!  The two compare some more, with Justice paying special attention to Eagle’s thick arms!  Eagle suggests a test – “We’ve got similar bodies, but I think I can take you in a bearhug.”  Justice eagerly accepts the challenge, allowing Eagle to take the first turn.  Eagle lunges in hard, wrapping his arms around Justice and lifting him high off the mat in a crushing embrace!  Justice struggles for breath as Eagle pours on the pressure, digging his fists and forearms into Justice’s lower back.  Eventually Eagle releases the hold – now it’s Justice’s turn!  The bodybuilder wastes no time in getting his bulging biceps around Eagle’s ribs, hoisting him off the mat and PULVERISING him for all he’s worth!  Justice’s lats and triceps shake as he throws every ounce of power into the debilitating hold – Eagle screams in pain!  But with no definite winner, it goes to round two!

Eagle charges in for the bearhug, this time ratcheting up the intensity as he tries to take Justice out!  “You tappin’?”  Eagle let’s Justice go, the suffering stud clutching his lower back in pain.   Justice wants to change the game – “I think we should try a bodyscissors.”  Oh boy, has Justice seen the freaky quads of Eagle?!  Justice goes first, wrapping his legs around the torso of the waiting Eagle.  Justice gets maximum leverage as he locks his ankles together, brutally clamping down HARD on Eagle’s ribs!  Eagle submits!  Now it’s Eagle’s turn as he leaps into the air for his signature Flying Bodyscissors!  Eagle UNLEASHES the power of his quads on Justice, at the same time forcing him to tarry his weight!  Justice can feel his organs shifting as Eagle crushes the living daylights out of him!  “You give?”  Justice frantically slaps the mat – “Ok, ok!”  Next round and Justice jumps onto Eagle’s back, his legs wrapped around his muscled torso, Justice’s arms around Eagle’s neck!  They fall to the mat and Justice again clamps on his Bodyscissor – MAXIMUM LEVERAGE!  Eagle has had enough and slaps on a Full Nelson, dragging him to the poolside where he surrounds Justice with crushing muscle!  Justice is on the verge of passing out in Eagle’s talons when he desperately taps out – Eagle lets him go, only to find himself caught in  possibly the tightest headlock he’s ever had the misfortune to be trapped in!  Justice takes him to the mat, grinding and squeezing Eagle’s head – Eagle has no choice but to submit!

With the score about even, both men up their game with deadly headscissors and INTENSE ab bashing!  Which stud is the last man standing?  Download today and find out!