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Intense muscle worship, domination, and loads of dirty tricks...get ready for EXTREME Ring Wars! Impressed by his new physique, Justice challenges Iceman18 to a match to see what he's got. Iceman18 charges in with a tight rear bearhug then lifts Justice in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down before dropping him to the mat. Trying to catch his breath, Justice is picked up in a belly to belly bearhug and forced into the turnbuckle where both wrestlers flex and worship each other's rock-hard muscle. A brutal clothesline and shoulder to the abs knocks the air out of Justice as Iceman18 WRENCHES his arm behind his back slamming Justice face first into the turnbuckle! Dazed, Justice is stretched between the ropes groaning in pain but retaliates with back to back vicious dirty tricks. In agony, Iceman18 is wrapped in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and tries to escape with a dirty trick of his own, but it doesn't work. Justice overpowers Iceman18 and picks him up for a grueling over-the-knee back breaker! Struggling to breathe, a dirty trick has Iceman18 under Justice's complete control as Justice worships his muscle before SLAMMING him down. Ready for payback, an over-the-shoulder takedown has Iceman18 back in control with a dirty trick, muscle worship, double pec claw, and tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Justice narrowly escapes but another clothesline sends him CRASHING into the ropes. The muscle worship continues before Justice locks on a sleeper then lifts Iceman18 in a DEVASTATING torture rack/dirty trick combo! Screaming in pain, Iceman18 is powerless to escape and is set down on the top turnbuckle. The dominant Justice orders Iceman18 to flex so he can worship his muscles, but Iceman18 swings his massive quads around in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors from the top turnbuckle. Struggling to stay conscious, Justice drops to his knees as Iceman18 squeezes tighter and tighter. About to pass out, Justice breaks free with a dirty trick DROPPING Iceman18 from the top rope for more torture: bow & arrow, face first head scissors, back-breaking stretches, standing head scissors, and a CRIPPLING camel clutch! Struggling to his feet, Iceman18 soon recovers as the wrestlers take their intense battle ringside. Stretching each other through the ropes, Justice and Iceman18 use dirty tricks, hammerlocks, and a dragon sleeper to control their opponent worshipping each other's muscle as they gasp for air. Things get DOWN AND DIRTY in this brutal fight to the finish! A knee to the abs, tight full nelson, grueling ab stretch, standing head scissors, belly to belly bearhug, knees to the groin, bicep to the face, and loads of dirty tricks end in a vicious knockout!