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Justice vs Santiago - 4K03

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

It's sweat, muscle, and non-stop action in this sexy submission match! "What are you gonna do big guy?" taunts the cocky Santiago sizing up his competition. "Pretty tough, huh? Let's find out how strong you are!" challenges Justice. A quick tie up has Santiago dragging Justice to the mat, pinning him tight to his chest, and hammering Justice's chiseled back. Justice groans in pain but breaks free mounting Santiago's abs to gain control. The devious Santiago pec claws Justice's beefy chest and gut punches his chiseled abs tossing Justice aside. Pissed off, Justice barrels in with a crushing scissor/sleeper combo squeezing Santiago harder and harder to submit. Santiago gasps for air nearly passing out before sharp elbows to Justice's ribs help him escape. Things get hot & heavy as the wrestlers drip with sweat rolling around using arm bars, crushing body scissors, pec claws, and skull-splitting head scissors for submissions! Justice breaks away delivering a neck-breaking full nelson and takes Santiago down mounting his abs. Straining to move under the 225lbs Justice, Santiago soon passes out, choked out with his own bicep! "Wake up sleeping beauty!" mocks Justice flexing his rock-hard biceps as Santiago struggles to recover. A second crushing scissor/sleeper combo has Justice toying with Santiago squeezing the air from his lungs before letting him go. Santiago is laid out barely moving as the dominant Justice mounts Santiago's chest burying his face between Justice's powerful quads! His strength slowly fading, Santiago knees Justice in the back tossing him aside ready for payback. The painful submissions keep coming as a piledriver, crushing body scissors, vicious arm bar, and rib-cracking belly to belly bearhug lead to a brutal finish. "No tapping this time; I'm finishing you!" threatens the devious winner