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Karl vs Eagle - In Your House 06

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

There is a noise coming from the apartment next to Karl's and he is NOT having it! He is furious and bangs on the door knocking it partly open. Who else answers the door, but Dom9! He tells Karl to keep his voice down and to leave, but Karl pushes his way in only to see that there is a wrestling mat. He wastes no time ripping off his shirt and he wants to wrestle too! Out of nowhere, Eagle chimes in "You don't want to wrestle me, bud." Karl explains that he can wrestle both of them if he wants because he used to wrestle and was an amazing bodybuilder for years. Both Eagle and Dom9 mock Karl as he poses in the mirror, until Karl has had enough! He shoots at Dom and takes him down to the mat hard! Eagle steps in and stands up for Dom attacking Karl. Both men tie up and struggle in a back and forth headlock. Karl stands and flexes, "I TOLD YOU!" Both jacked wrestlers compare muscles until Karl picks Eagle up in a fireman's carry and spins him around. Eagle is dizzy and caught off guard when Karl locks in a rear choke hold and then a tight leg scissors. Eagle goes in to slap Karl when he flexes, but Karl grabs his wrist and takes him down pulling up his arm and shoving Eagle's face down into the mat with his foot! Karl loses his footing and falls and Eagle takes advantage. He picks him up and puts him in an over the knee backbreaker. He then throws him down and pulls up his arm through his legs. "I'M GONNA HIT YOUR NUTS!" Eagle threatens Karl with hitting him with his own arm. He then flips Karl all the way across the mat slamming HARD! Eagle is gaining confidence and puts Karl up in a camel clutch telling him "Show that pretty face to all the Thunders' fans." Eagle adds pain to punishment and returns Karl's move on him by pulling his arm and rubbing his face into the mat with his foot. Eagle's cockiness gets the better of him when he lifts Karl up by his arm and talks smack. Karl takes the opportunity to VICIOUSLY SLAP EAGLE ACROSS HIS FACE! He then lifts him up in a smothering chest to chest bearhug and squeezes the air out of him. Karl drops Eagle down and flexes, but Eagle knows it's time to bring out the dirty tricks and throws a brutal low blow between Karl's legs. He then locks in a standing headscissors before dropping to the mat. He climbs on top of Karl in a humiliating pin and beats his abs over and over! Eagle then pins Karl 1! 2! 3! But it isn't over...Eagle bends Karl in half and bends backwards pinning him again! When Karl complains about back pain, Eagle starts to work him over. When Karl plays possum, Eagle basks in his victory flexing and Karl launches into him taking him down. He locks in a constricting head scissors squeezing Eagle's head between his massive quads. Karl controls the stunned Eagle with hard body shots and slams. Eagle starts to get back in the action when Karl gets up on his back and Eagle tosses him over his head dropping him flat on the mat. Eagle controls Karl using his legs to squeeze the body and bearhugs to drain the rest of Karl's air out of his lungs. When Karl won't admit that Eagle is the better wrestler, an evil expression comes across his face. He drags Karl to the mat and lifts him in a BACK-BREAKING TORTURE RACK. He throws him down, stomps on him, and then locks in a rear sleeper hold watching Karl slowly and painfully pass out! Will Eagle make Karl wish he would have never knocked on that door?