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Kasee and Casons Revenge on Bull - Bodybuilder Battles 116

$ 25.95

A 250lbs angry Bull is on the hunt ready to DEMOLISH whoever stands in his way! Fear sweeps across Kasee's face, "You're pretty big! You ate a cow!" Bull flexes his bulging biceps, "Not bad right! I ate two cows!" A flex off begins as Kasee declares himself to be champion around Thunder's, but Bull disagrees, "This is perfection!" Out of nowhere, Kasee charges in trying to tackle the beast but crumbles to the mat when he hits the concrete wall of muscle! "You wanna try that again? At least move me this time!" Kasee tries again and again, but nothing works. Playtime is over! Bull CLOTHESLINES the vet nearly taking off his head and continues his beating: a crippling camel clutch and reverse Boston crab. "Stop! Stop!" "Let's see if I can break you!" Bull lifts his victim in a mid-air MEXICAN SURFBOARD getting his pump on with the helpless vet. "Ahh my back! Cason, I need help! This guy's too big!" Kasee struggles off the mat as Cason tags in. The heavyweights size up each other as a shoving match breaks out. "Why you picking on my friend?" "He think's he's the champ. Had to show him what's up!" Bull hammerlocks Cason's arm then lifts him in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to back bearhug, "You're a little bit better than he is, but you're not that good!" The vet struggles to breathe and is slammed down to the mat! Bull is just getting started, picks Cason up across his boulder shoulders, and squats him with ease. "Think you're so cool huh, 1/8th of a ton!" moans the vet. A massive mercy challenge has Cason dropping to his knees under the force of Bull's powerful pythons! The behemoth twists around pulling the vet onto his thick back MID-AIR with his viselike grip still locked in. "Let's see if you're as flexible!" Cason is in agony unable to escape and falls to the mat completely gassed. Bull shows no mercy delivering a brutal Boston crab as Kasee jumps on his back with a surprise sleeper! "I got you now big guy! You didn't see that one coming! You don't got no brains, only muscle!" The behemoth crumbles to his knees as his pythons flail in the air struggling to escape. Finally, Bull breaks free and LAUNCHES the lightweight off him! Cason comes to the rescue, and this match gets even more brutal: clotheslines, chokelifts, sleepers! Can the tag team work together and finally tame Bull, or will a pile of muscle be left on the mat?