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KaSee v Van Acker - No Holds Barred 173

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"I thought we came here to wrestle with men? Men have hair somewhere!" mocks Van Acker rubbing the vet's smooth chest. "You might have some chest hair, but that does not make you a man. I'm the sexiest man in Thunders Arena!" flexes Kasee pushing the rookie away. Van Acker explodes in a fit of rage with a brutal torture rack, BENDING the stud over his rock-hard shoulders as he groans in pain! "Where's all this muscle with s**t talk? I feel your silky smooth body; it's nasty!" The rookie tosses his victim down and leg drops his chiseled back rolling him into a tight cradle! Kasee struggles to escape as a dirty trick and GROIN-BREAKING leg stretch has him begging for relief, "Let me out!" Van Acker pulls harder, "Not until you tell me you're a little sissy boy!" In agony, the vet refuses to submit as his torturous hold is released, "Take it easy on the nuts bro!" Barely moving, the devious newb grabs his victim's arm between his own legs YANKING him higher and higher as he cries out and is rolled across the mat. "Like I said the hair gives you power!" The hairy beast towers over his prey and STOMPS his chest driving him deep into the mat as he gasps for air, "F*** your hair!" His rib cage seconds away from snapping, Kasee pulls Van Acker's leg hair sending him crashing down then rolls him over for a grueling full nelson/leg stretch combo! Powerless to move, the vet works his way down the big man RIPPING out his body hair as he screams for mercy, "Stop, stop, that hurts!" His chest, armpit, and leg is on fire as the ruthless vet taunts, "Who's the real man here?" Back on their feet, the muscle studs tie up with Van Acker hungry for revenge. The rookie quickly strikes with a takedown rolling Kasee in a massive cradle, "Come on hairless rat, let's see what you can do!" An intense struggle has the vet straining to escape, but he can't break the viselike grip as his captor transitions to devastating leg lock, "I'm gonna pop this little chicken bone out!" "Stop!" BLOOD-CURDLING screams fill the arena as the sound of splintering bones inches close! Desperate to break free, Kasee leans forward with a double fist to the groin. Van Acker's face turns white; the oxygen rushing from his lungs. Immobile, the hairy hunk is stomped face first to the mat and rolled in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "Who's the manlier man now huh? I could easily choke you out if I wanted to!" Back in charge, Kasee sits the broken beast up, twists his head with both hands trying to snap his neck, and locks in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. "Ahh, your legs are so smooth!" screams Van Acker taken down to the mat. "Baby smooth!" taunts Kasee flexing his quads of steel even tighter when a surprise headbutt to the groin helps the beast break free. The hairy hunk serves up another agonizing leg stretch PULLING harder than before, "Silky abs ain't gonna help you!" "You just wish you had abs! Ahh my legs and groin!" Furious, Van Acker adds on a vicious dirty trick as Kasee feverishly taps out, "I give! I give!" "It's not about giving; it's about turning this hairless little rat into a man!" Rising to his feet, the dominant Van Acker UNLOADS on the injured vet: stomp to the groin, double hammerlocks, titty twisters, crushing belly to belly bearhug, vicious arm bar! "Those hairy legs are gonna break your arm! You can't grow hair; you wish you could be like me!" yells the rookie while the vet struggles to flex out, "F*** your hair!" A surge of strength has Kasee battling back with one of the TIGHTEST cradles you have ever seen ripping out more of the newb's hair! Van Acker is in trouble as his beatdown continues: guillotine choke, hip-toss, three BONE-CRUSHING bodysplashes! "How's that hairless skin feel?" taunts the vet laid out over the motionless beast. "No more games hairless boy!" The action heats up: titty twisters, vicious low blow, guillotine chokes, sleeper, bodysplashes, a powerful belly to belly bearhug! "My ribs, I can't take it!" screams one muscle hunk begging for the match to stop! "You're not gonna get any oxygen!" threatens the winner as a final SMOTHERING will take your breath away!