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Kasee puts Beaver into a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Kasee vs Beaver - No Holds Barred 140

$ 34.75

It's a battle over clothing! Both muscle hunks show up dressed in flannel shirts and shorts. "I don't know about you, but my flannel is way better than yours!" declares Kasee. "What are you talking about? This is 100% cotton. It looks better, and it's more comfortable. Look how good my abs look in this, straight Tarzan!" Beaver shows off his washboard stomach as the titans take off their flannels comparing biceps. Kasee flexes, "Let me show you what real arms look like!" "Not bad, but these pecs, I even got the indent they're so big!" Time to get serious! Kasee takes Beaver down in a small cradle and begins worshipping his six pack, "These abs look real good now!" Beaver struggles but is able to flip the stud over mounting his chest pinning him down. "You think you're prettier than me, don't ya?" moans Kasee. "I know I am. See this hair; this is what you call beautiful hair!" Beaver tries for an arm bar, but Kasee rolls him over into an even TIGHTER cradle! "My back!" He struggles to his feet clutching his aching back. The clothing battle continues as both fight to see who can take off their opponent's shorts first? GUT PUNCHES and brutal takedowns, Kasee wins the challenge with Beaver a close second, "There you go pretty boy!" The muscle stud tricks Beaver into showing him a double bicep then sneaks up from behind with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson worshipping his abs. "Tarzan" groans in pain as Kasee drops him into an over-the-knee BACK BREAKER and delivers a brutal dirty trick! Beaver falls face first to the mat writhing in agony. "Stay down!" He recovers and battles back with massive gut punches and a CRUSHING sleeper, "How's payback feel?" Kasee gasps for air and incredibly FLIPS Beaver over to escape the torture! The back and forth battle continues: gut punches, scissors, ELBOW DROPS, sleepers, and loads of dirty tricks! Even a flannel shirt is used to inflict pain! How did they use it, and who will win this Bashin over Fashion?