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Kasee and Cap flex off at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Kasee vs Cap - Mat Rats 107

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Cap vs Kasee

Mirror-Image Muscle Hunk Mayhem!

Cason has brought his best friend and gym buddy, Kasee to Thunder’s Arena!  Standing at 5’9” and 170lbs, Kasee is a rock-hard, ripped rookie who is looking to make a name for himself!  His opponent?  None other than Cason’s other inductee – Cap!  Whilst also still pretty new, Cap has already built up a legion of fans with his compact, muscular frame and never-say-die attitude!  With Cap standing at 5’9” and 175lbs, this is about as close a match as you’re gonna get!

The video opens with a promo photoshoot for the match and right away you can see there’s no love lost here!  After each poses and flexes individually, they move onto the dual shots – the two musclestuds stare implacably at each other, all cold and calculated.  Face to face, the tension boils until, without a word, they go to the mat for an arm-wrestling match!  Biceps bulge and strain as each tries to overpower the other – Kasee takes the first round, with Cap taking the second!  Next they lock up pec to pec for a Test of Strength!  The effort is evident on their faces as they battle for dominance – Cap manages to force Kasee to his knees, but the rookie powers back to his feet!  These two really are evenly matched!  Reaching another stalemate, the two separate, but Kasee immediately lunges in for a bearhug, catching Cap unawares – Kasee tightens his grip, his face drenched with sweat as he pours on the pressure!  Cap takes the pain, holding out for Kasee to lose his grip – the rookie releases the hold and starts flexing, giving Cap the opening he was waiting for to clamp on a bearhug of his own!  Revenge is sweet as Cap tightens the hold, but Kasee is no slouch – he manages to slide his arms between Cap’s, weakening the bearhug enough to power out and THROW Cap to the mat!  Kasee follows up with a Single Leg Crab, planting his rock-hard glutes into Cap’s lower back and yanking up on his knee – Cap knows he’s in trouble but all he can do is hold on and hope that Kasee tires!  Cap’s face is a picture of studied pain as he takes the punishment!  Kasee gets angry as Cap refuses to give in – he switches to the other leg, drops of sweat rolling down his chest as he inflicts more punishment on the fan favourite – but still Cap refuses to submit!

The two men lock up again, with Cap getting the advantage – he gets Kasee’s head trapped between his legs for an incredibly TIGHT headscissor!  Kasee cries out in pain as his face is crushed by Cap’s thighs!  Kasee manages to escape as both men get to their feet.  The two go toe to toe, unleashing hold after painful hold on each other.  Bearhugs, Standing and Side Headscissors (with added flexing!), smothers, Schoolboy pins, Torture Rack and more.  One stud gets a three-count, but that’s not enough!  Neither man is willing to give an inch to the other!  Suddenly the door opens and a new player steps onto the mat…