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Cason puts Kasee into the ropes at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Kasee vs Cason - Ring Wars 70

$ 31.25

Kasee vs Cason (Ring Wars)


“I thought we were friends!”

Cason has introduced Kasee, one of his Gym Bros, to Thunder’s Arena.  Kasee’s opponent today?  None other than Cason himself – and it’s in the Ring!

A disagreement over money owed (or not!) brings superstar Cason and rookie Kasee to the ring to battle it out.  Cason is supremely confident of victory as the two step into the ring!  Cason removes his shorts, revealing a pair of bold, gold trunks – Kasee yanks his shorts down to reveal ultra-tight, baby blue and red trunks – these boys came prepared!  Cason circles, stalking Kasee like a shark with the scent of blood – he’s obviously looking forward to landing a beating on his friend!  The two men lock up and right away Cason’s ring experience shines through as he gets behind the rookie and slaps a Full Nelson on him, using his height advantage to apply pressure to Kasee’s neck.  Cason is all smiles as he manhandles his buddy.  Kasee struggles hard to get out, eventually causing Cason to lose his grip and he tumbles to the mat – but at least he’s out of the painful hold!  Cason is as cocky as ever, but Kasee has a few surprises – including a flying headlock TAKEDOWN into a tight headscissors from out of nowhere!!  Cason is impressed – “You might just be the best prospect I brought.”  Kasee pumps his legs, increasing the pressure.  “Is that all?” asks Cason.  Kasee casually responds “I’m just showboatin’” as he flexes his biceps for the camera.  But when Kasee starts mussing Cason’s hair, the bodybuilder gets mad!  Cason twists and flips them over, causing Kasee to lose his scissor hold.  Before he can escape, Cason grabs Kasee’s legs and applies a Boston Crab, his muscles straining as he pulls back.  Kasee has no escape and no choice but to take the pain – Cason releases, but the damage has been done.  Cason capitalises, hauling the rookie up and manhandling him into a choke hold, Kasee’s body stretched out over the bigger man’s torso!  Kasee’s face screws up in pain as he is worked over, but he refuses to give up!  The trash talk flows freely – “You ain’t getting’ out bro.  Gonna conserve my energy, take you out, maybe make you kiss my biceps.”

Another lock-up and poor Kasee finds himself lifted HIGH off the mat in Cason’s devastating Bearhug!  Cason bounces the hold, crushing the breath out of his buddy.  Kasee struggles, but can’t get free – the bodybuilder switches to a fireman’s carry, parading Kasee around the ring and ramming his shoulders into the rookie’s midsection!  Cason keeps up the punishment, whipping Kasee into the corner and pounding on his impressive abs!  Kasee is thrown to the other side of the ring, where Cason stomps on his back before pulling him up into a Mexican Surboard!  Suddenly, Cason release the hold and Kasee drops – right into a Sleeper Hold!  Cason tightens his grip as the panicked Kasee flails about, trying desperately to be anywhere else – but it’s to no avail as the rookie succumbs to Cason’s bulging biceps!

But that’s just the first round – Cason isn’t done with his friend and Kasee is more than game to get another shot at his ‘bro’.  Chokes, suffocating headscissors and bearhugs – Cason is supremely confident and starts to showboat, giving Kasee an opening to slap on a debilitating Ab Stretch!  The rookie throws Cason to the canvas, following up with a body splash – then again from the middle rope, crashing down HARD on Cason’s sculpted chest!  Still the match is far, far from over – can Kasee capitalise and steal a victory over his bro?  Or will Cason put yet another W against his name?  One thing is for certain, this incredible match is one you’ll come back to again and again and again!