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Kasee vs Destroyer - Bodybuilder Battles 120

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"Today, you are my toy, my dumbbell, my barbell. I train with you!" The 250lbs muscle monster towers over Kasee ready to BEND and BREAK him however he chooses! The Destroyer flexes as panic sweeps across Kasee's face, "You ate like 3 people! You're pretty solid." He joins in flexing as the giant mocks his bicep size, "What's that, a bug bite? My girlfriend has more muscle than you!" The behemoth lifts Kasee across his GORILLA SIZE chest and squats him with ease, "I'm warming up!" Kasee gets back to his feet and tries tackling the human size refrigerator but collapses to the mat. "I show you how you can fly!" The Destroyer chokelifts Kasee tossing him across the room then CRUSHES his abs with his foot. "You're so fat!" groans the muscle stud as his insides are being obliterated. "That's not fat. I show you; kiss my bicep!" The giant yanks his victim to his feet and SMOTHERS his bulging bicep onto his face. Kasee struggles to breathe but escapes, "You went too far this time!" He tries a distraction but fails and is picked up in a massive belly to belly bearhug! "My ribs, let me down!" "How does that feel?" Kasee crumbles to the mat writhing in pain, "You eat your victims, don't you?" The lightweight recovers and tries tying up with the giant, but he is no match for the sheer power of the behemoth! "Wanna go to sleep?" The Destroyer wraps his powerful python around Kasee's throat giving him a small taste of what's to come. "I can't breathe!" "Let's see how you breathe now. Feel my muscles!" The devastation continues: chokelifts, bearhugs, a surfboard, SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! Kasee is in agony barely able to move but continues hurling insults, "You're so fat. You gotta stop eating all the cheeseburgers!" "You still make fun huh?" A PISSED OFF giant chokelifts the "skinny little guy" again and again teaching him a lesson in respect. "You gotta stop. I can't take another one!" Kasee stumbles to his feet and crazily challenges the giant to lock up with him!?! The Destroyer however has other plans lifting Kasee in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug, "No way, that's more fun to break some bones!" The small muscle stud looks like a child in the behemoth's hulking arms and screams in pain falling to the mat. The Destroyer flexes as Kasee recovers and JUMPS on his back in surprise trying for a sleeper. "I don't feel nothing!" Kasee is in shock and tries squeezing harder, but it's not working, "You should be going down right now!" Playtime is over, and The Destroyer UNLEASHES his power: sleepers, head scissors, back breakers! Kasee's beating is so BRUTAL; he tries crawling away to escape, "My back! I gotta hide!" You think it will be over, but it's about to get much worse!