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Kasee vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 159

$ 34.75

"Are you serious? Wake up; you're late to our match. Mr. Mike is gonna kill us!" Kasee storms in the bedroom waking up the sleeping muscle giant sending him into a rage. "Late to our match? This is my match, and Mike is gonna do what Iceman says!" The behemoth slams Kasee onto the bed and mounts his abs SMOTHERING him over and over with pillows as he gasps for air powerless to escape! A dominant Iceman18 is in complete control and rubs his meathook size hands all over Kasee's chiseled frame. "We're supposed to be wrestling. What is this?" groans the stud. "I'm trying to admire all the hard work you've been putting in!" A brutal dirty trick has Kasee in agony as Iceman18 peels off his shirt from his mountain of muscles and delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "Ahh my head, it's gonna pop!" The beast squeezes tighter and tighter and delivers another dirty trick before kicking the motionless hunk to the floor. "I can't breathe; they hurt!" Kasee begins crawling away as the behemoth YANKS his hair dragging him back into another vicious head scissor! "I was having such good nap before my match, not our match!" The 216lbs muscle monster releases his hold, tosses him back on the bed, and lays on top of Kasee CRUSHING him as he screams, "You're so big! You been eating a lot of cheeseburgers haven't you?" Iceman18 flexes laughing at the small stud, "You're like as thick as my arm!" The muscle beast drags the lightweight STRETCHING him across his big, beefy chest as the dirty tricks and pillow smothering continues, "You're gonna be my new blanket!" Kasee howls in pain barely able to move and is LAUNCHED to the floor. Tired from his brutal beatdown, the behemoth lays back down as Kasee sneaks away returning with Iceman18's phone threatening to drop it in the toilet or the pool! The beast springs out of bed CHASING the muscle stud through the house finally trapping him on the mat. "I had to get you out here somehow!" groans Kasee as Iceman18 wraps his powerful python around his throat and gets his phone back. "Screw Mr. Mike, Mr. Iceman is who you need to be worried about now!" The muscle monster sees red and grabs between Kasee's legs with a brutal dirty trick lifting him across his burly chest before SLAMMING him down nearly breaking his back! Iceman18 is just getting started and peels his victim off the mat with a two handed choke, tosses him down, and rolls the stud in a tight cradle! "At least I finally got your fat a** out here!" screams Kasee in agony. "Excuse me?" All hell breaks loose as a pissed off behemoth UNLEASHES his power while snapping selfies of the torture on his phone: crushing head scissors, brutal leg stretches, dirty tricks! Kasee's pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears as Iceman18 wraps him up in a brutal scissors/sleeper combo! "I wanted to go to sleep; now it's your turn to go to sleep!" Kasee gasps for air as his chiseled frame struggles in the muscle hulk's embrace, "I can't breathe! I'm getting lightheaded!" You think the match is over, but it gets much, much worse! Crushing head scissors, a football kick to the groin, and multiple one and two handed chokelifts lead to a DEVASTATING finish!