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Kasee vs Jake - No Holds Barred 157

$ 25.95

"Why you always late?" A pissed off Kasee STORMS out the house confronting the bodybuilder on the street. "I gotta watch how I drive this nice car!" brags Jake. Walking back, a shoving match breaks out as Kasee dodges the big behemoth, "You don't move very much, mass monster! Too bad you're too slow, not gonna catch me!" The muscle giant stalks his prey, "When I catch you, you know what's about to happen!" Kasee makes it inside first and shuts the door behind him sending Jake over the edge, "You slam the door in my face; I'm gonna show you how I slam your body!" Back on the mat, the beast takes off his clothes exposing his mounds of thick muscle. "These pecs, looks like a giant baked potato extra loaded!" laughs Kasee. "You look like you're 12!" mocks Jake SLAMMING the lightweight to the mat in a fireman's takedown and rolling him in a tight cradle! "Try and get out!" taunts the behemoth as he mounts his victim's abs CRUSHING his ribs with his quads of steel and gut punches his chiseled abs! Kasee screams in pain barely moving as Jake peels him off the mat and wraps his tree trunk quads around his skull in a brutal standing head scissors. "Not the legs, get the beefy legs off!" pleads the lightweight as the beast flexes tighter and tighter nearly caving in his skull. "I'm gonna have you worship these muscles. Get on your knees!" orders the dominant Jake as he yanks off Kasee's shorts and WHIPS him with it. The submissive stud worships his rock-hard calves and quads until a brutal gut punch drops the big man to the mat. "Why don't you look at my beefy legs!" flexes Kasee. "Maybe after 10 years, you'll get to where I am!" moans Jake battling back with a vicious leg and ab stretch and brutal STOMPS to the ribs! Kasee can barely get up using the behemoth's mounds of muscle as a human ladder then jumps on his thick back with a surprise sleeper, "Told you I was fast!" Jake gasps for air as his hulking frame collapses to the mat and straight into a leg stretch! His pain doesn't last long as a surge of power helps him escape dragging his captor into a tight arm bar. "No, stop!" pleads Kasee as a BONE BREAKING sound sends shockwaves through the arena. "Look at that. I broke your arm; that means you'll only muscle worship one arm from now on. Get up!" orders the devious beast as he hammerlocks his broken arm forcing him to his worship his chest. The stud is in EXCRUCIATING pain barely escaping with a vicious low blow! Jake writhes in agony as Kasee delivers a tight ab stretch and struggles for a cradle, "You're a big a** rock to move around!" The 200lbs bodybuilder sees red and UNLEASHES a world of hurt: an over-the-knee back breaker, dirty trick, rib-shattering belly to back bearhug, and skull-crushing head scissors! Kasee can barely move as the dominant beast forces him back to his knees for an INTENSE muscle worship session. "Big, solid, big juicy lats! You got it all huh?" admires the hunk exploring every inch of his massive frame. Jake's insatiable appetite for pain continues as a brutal stomp to the groin has Kasee nearly passing out. The beast wraps his powerful python around his victim's throat and SMOTHERS his face into his armpit, "When I say worship me, you worship me. Understand? I'm your master!" Kasee obeys, but the behemoth squeezes his bicep tighter when he is not satisfied with the worship. "Please let me breathe!" Jake lets go dropping the motionless stud face first on the mat and straddles his skull with his quads of steel! The final JAW-DROPPING moments will leave you breathless as one wrestler makes a final sinister promise, "Suffocate you in my a** and my crotch!"