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Kasee vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battles 128

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"Pretty sure I'm supposed to beat you up. I do that here; I beat people up!" threatens Kasee flexing his chiseled frame. "We'll see how that goes. We're pretty much the same size," laughs Loki flexing his powerful pythons. An argument over who is bigger sends Kasee over the edge pushing the muscle beast out of his way, "I've had enough; this is my mat!" I'm sick of that!" The behemoth lifts the lightweight across his boulder shoulders in a fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down as he groans in pain. "You sick of being little? I'm just gonna leave you up here all day, so you shut up!" taunts Loki. "Put me down! I'm gonna kick your a**!" The 220lbs beast drops his victim then GATOR ROLLS him to his back pinning him down with one knee. "You're heavy!" groans the lightweight struggling to breathe. Loki is just getting started using Kasee as a human door mat CRUSHING his rib cage and quad with one foot, "You like all that weight on you? How's it feel to be 96lbs?" The vet gasps for air, "It's 125 to you!" The muscle beast lets his victim up while flexing a beefy double bicep, but a surprise gut punch has him doubled over in pain. Loki is pissed and SLAMS Kasee to the mat rolling him over in a crippling camel clutch! The vet's face is pure torture; his ripped back ready to break at any moment as he's driven face first into the mat! "Let me see a push up!" taunts the behemoth as he PRESSES his foot deep into his chiseled back. The vet tries again and again finally lifting the extra weight but is stomped facedown. "So close!" mocks Loki. Kasee groans in pain barely moving as he peels himself up to his knees. "Get up, let's go!" The behemoth hammerlocks his victim, yanks his hair forcing him to his feet, and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat sucking the air from his lungs! Kasee is being completely manhandled and thrown into the wall where a BARRAGE of gut punches leave him fighting to catch his breath as he crumbles to the mat! Loki rolls the helpless muscle stud into a tight cradle, "You gonna beat me up still? I'm still waiting!" Kasee is in agony unable to move, "As soon as I get out of this, come on let me go!" Loki releases his hold and delivers a LEG-BREAKING Boston crab as the vet feverishly claws at the mat to escape, "My legs! I didn't think you were that strong!" The lightweight recovers and barrels in running into the beast's brick wall of muscle as he collapses to the mat. Limb by limb, Loki continues CRUSHING Kasee into the mat standing on his quad, bicep, and back with his foot as he howls in agony! The vet struggles to his feet and crazily challenges the behemoth to a mercy challenge; his tiny arms shake and struggle to even bend the muscle hulk's powerful pythons. "Let me know when you're ready to start!" taunts the beast. "That was my warmup. I want another one!" Kasee locks up with the behemoth again. This time, Loki makes him pay for his mistake WRENCHING his arms down as he screams in pain. The dominant muscle beast is ready to rip his opponent apart for good, but can Kasee make the ultimate comeback? A chokelift, brutal fireman's carry, agonizing bearhugs, and overhead press lead to a pile of broken and beaten muscle on the mat!