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head scissors

Kasee vs Loki - Mat Wars 109

$ 25.95

"What you got? You look like some big puff ball!" Kasee mocks new rookie Loki and challenges him to a flex off. The muscle beast accepts; his singlet stretched to the max over his colossal frame. "Do you actually work out?" asks Loki. "I was born beautiful. Not a lot of people have a body like this. I think you're hiding your abs!" laughs Kasee. The rookie punches the vet's abs, "How small you are; I got a little fluff going but that's because I got these!" Loki flexes a double bicep. "I got these too! I'm a muscle god!" flexes Kasee. The beast chest bumps his smaller opponent, "Are you serious?
They tie up. Loki gets a quick takedown delivering a crushing headlock, "Muscle god? How's that working out for ya?" He rolls Kasee to his back straddling his abs. "You gonna use your magical powers to get out of this?" Loki flexes as the muscle stud groans in pain trying to escape. "You weigh so much!" Kasee swings his legs up bringing the beast down by his shoulders and GUT PUNCHES his "fluffy" abs. The bodybuilder moans in pain and retaliates choking Kasee against the wall and gut punches his abs. The vet struggles to breathe as he's thrown to the mat. Loki delivers a sit-down camel clutch; Kasee screams in pain repeatedly tapping out. "You don't get to give up that easy!" The behemoth transitions to a LEG-BREAKING Boston crab and flexes over his fallen victim. "You said I don't have abs; that you're a god, and I'm fat." The muscle beast removes his singlet straps exposing his gorilla sized chest and abs, "What are these then?" "Fat rolls!" groans Kasee. Loki yanks his victim's hair forcing him to his feet, "Show me the guns muscle god! Kasee obeys. "You don't know how to flex!" The muscle Adonis throws the vet down and plants his foot on his back, "Give me 10 push-ups!" Kasee strains trying to pick himself up with the heavyweight crushing his back, but he collapses. The muscle god is pissed and delivers a crushing LOW BLOW, "Whose on the ground now?" Loki groans in pain.
The muscle titan recovers and wraps his hands around Kasee's throat in chokelift after chokelift, "Since when do muscle gods weigh 50lbs?" The vet struggles to breathe as Loki drops him into a groin-breaking BANANA SPLIT! "Ready to give up muscle god?" Kasee escapes and wants payback: elbow drops, gut punches, BODYSPLASH! The vet fights to keep the big man down, but the bodybuilder's strength is unstoppable. Loki gets his pump on and repeatedly BENCH PRESSES Kasee into the air then rolls him over straddling his chest. "You're so fat!" groans the vet. "Are these fat?" Loki flexes a double bicep then delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING front head scissors. Kasee is locked in tight; his face inches away from the beast's balls as Loki squeezes his tree trunk quads. "Use your godly powers!" The muscle god can't take the pain and taps under the immense pressure. "Get up!" The battle rages on: chokes, gut punches, back breakers, a TORTURE RACK! Who will be victorious: the self-proclaimed muscle god or the muscle beast?