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Kasee vs Scrappy Custom Video Series 101

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

A KO match for most sexy includes chloroform, rope, and sleepers! Scrappy hears that Kasee is the new fan favorite and sets a trap to take him out. Kasee comes down the stairs as Scrappy strikes SMOTHERING Kasee with a chloroform rag. "Think you're sexier than me?" taunts Scrappy. Kasee gasps for air passing out as Scrappy carries him to the mat dropping him down. Scrappy flexes as a confused Kasee wakes up retaliating with a low blow. Groaning in pain, Scrappy crumbles face first to the mat and is FOLDED in half on his neck; the tight cradle has Scrappy eating his knees! Angry, Scrappy powers out wrapping the chloroform rag around Kasee's face again; the INTENSE struggle has Kasee passing out on the couch and carried around. "You ain't never gonna be better than me! Wake up!" orders Scrappy. Kasee recovers and drags Scrappy down face-first between his quads taking him to the mat. Scrappy screams in pain struggling to breathe as his chiseled abs are HAMMERED away with brutal gut punches! Wanting payback, Kasee grabs the rag and wraps it around Scrappy's face. His eyes rolling back in his head, Scrappy STRAINS to escape but passes out. "Who's sexier now?" taunts Kasee carrying the motionless Scrappy around in a fireman's carry; his trunks pulled tight up his beefy glutes. Dropped on the couch, Scrappy is woken up to a sleeper hold. Kasee SQUEEZES harder and harder as Scrappy grabs the chloroform rag trying to put Kasee to sleep at the same time! Both wrestlers gasp for air as Scrappy overpowers Kasee with the knockout. "Carry you around like my little prize!" brags Scrappy BEARHUGGING Kasee over his shoulder before dropping him down. A leg sleeper, fireman's carry, and belly to back bearhug leads to Scrappy and Kasee each having a chloroform rag whipping and smothering each other for a knockout! The battle for most sexy gets down and dirty and heads to the bedroom for a MOUTH-WATERING finish!