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Kasee vs Vidar - Vegas Battles 57

$ 34.75

Big vs Little doesn't get much better than this! It's the 5'9" 170lbs Kasee vs the 6'4" 260lbs Vidar in a David vs Goliath match. "Who we got here, some big guy supposed to take me down?" Vidar towers over Kasee flexing his powerful pythons and challenges him to a bicep flex off. Clearly we know who the winner is there. The muscle giant is done with the small talk and ready to battle, "Let's go!" They tie up. Vidar easily takes Kasee down face first pinning him down with his weight then transitions to a CRIPPLING camel clutch! The underdog's back is stretched so tight it looks ready to break any minute! "Get up!" Vidar picks the muscle stud up into a rib-crushing rear bearhug SHAKING him like a rag doll. "You got a little bit of strength there big guy!" moans Kasee as he struggles to breath. "You done yet?" taunts the behemoth. Vidar releases his hold wrapping his meat hook hands around his victim's throat in a massive CHOKELIFT! The underdog's face turns white as the oxygen rushes from his head, "Ok, I give!" Vidar drops him down crushing his chest with his foot! Next the beast wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around Kasee in a brutal body scissors. "Some little legs you got here buddy!" "You won't be saying that soon!" The giant squeezes tighter making him eat his words as he gasps for air. He lets his victim up only to deliver a DEVASTATING belly to belly bearhug! Kasee's arms are pinned down to his sides as he is crushed against Vidar's gorilla sized chest! "Think you're tough don't ya just cuz you're winning right now?" "I'm enjoying it!" Kasee still hasn't learned his lesson, so the torture continues. A vicious sleeper and one leg Boston crab has the muscle stud tapping out from the pain. Vidar isn't done and lifts Kasee into the air BY HIS ANKLE dropping him face first to the mat knocking him out! The behemoth enjoys the move so much, he does it again and again! Shockingly, Kasee springs up jumping on the giant's back trying for a full nelson. "He's too big!" moans the underdog as he transitions to a sleeper, but the giant easily TOSSES him down. Kasee tries again and manages to get his full nelson locked in! "Gotcha, look whose big now!" Vidar flexes out trapping his tiny arms against his beefy pecs before hurling him down again. The giant is pissed and tries STOMPING the small stud into the mat, but he keeps rolling away to escape. Kasee jumps on the muscle bull's back again and connects with a sleeper! "Feels good! How you doing big guy?" Vidar struggles to stay on his feet but fights him off. What will it take to bring the big man down? Kasee decides to change plans sneaking up on the beast as he flexes in the mirror. He jumps on the behemoth's boulder shoulders locking in a STANDING CRUCIFIX! Vidar has never experienced a move like this and struggles but manages to escape. With the muscle giant weakened, Kasee tries again. The giant is in trouble; his hulking muscles begin to slump as the 260 pounder falls to his knees with the crucifix locked in tight! "There you go!" Will Kasee be able to defeat Vidar in an epic comeback? Big vs Little fans, you will be watching this on repeat!