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It's bodybuilder vs marine in a 500lbs CLASH OF THE TITANS! "They finally found someone big enough for me!" taunts Bull sizing up the new 6'5" muscle monster. A flex off begins as both goliaths battle for the spotlight; the vet clearly unimpressed, "We gotta work on your posing a little bit! What are you good at?" asks Bull. "Strength!" declares Kevlar. Dropping to the mat, the heavyweights decide on test of strength locking up in a grueling arm-wrestling match. "You got big arms!" groans the rookie. "You're a little stronger than I thought!" admires the behemoth; their veins pumped to the max ready to burst under the intense pressure. Both powerful pythons begin to TREMBLE as the marine finally slams the vet's arm down. Bull demands to switch arms as round two gets even harder. Kevlar halts the behemoth in his tracks sending him into a rage; the test of strength broken with a meathook PUNCH to the face! "Mother f**ker!" The bodybuilder drags the injured newbie to his feet wrapping his 20 inch bicep around his skull in a viselike headlock parading him around, "That's not really strength. If you want strength, we're gonna have to do a couple holds, a couple moves. I'm gonna show you the way!" The blood rushing from his brain, Kevlar groans in pain finally let go; his arm WRENCHED back in a brutal hammerlock. Desperate to break free, an elbow to the ribs sends the 260 pounder crashing down and rolled straight into a BONE-SNAPPING arm bar. "You're stronger than those other f***ing guys they give me!" screams Bull flexing harder and harder narrowly escaping the giant's clutches. Winded from the struggle, the goliaths return to their feet and lock up battling for control as the vet hoists Kevlar in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug, "F**k, this guy's tall; gonna break that back! How's that feel?" Gasping for air, the marine's hulking frame crumbles to the mat but soon recovers HAMMERING away on Bull's chiseled abs with vicious gut punches! Doubled over in pain, the 6'5" muscle machine wraps his bulging bicep around the heavyweight's throat in a devastating chokehold. His eyes rolling back, the 260 pounder collapses to his knees barely conscious as his limp frame is lifted in a RIB-SHATTERING rear bearhug. "Ahh, you're strong!" screams Bull violently shaken up and down then tossed to the mat. "Where did they find your Jolly Green Giant a**?" moans the vet as Kevlar flexes over his fallen prey ordering him around, "Come on Shrek get up!" His blood boiling, the bodybuilder struggles to his feet then barrels in lifting the 240 pounder in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING him across his boulder shoulders as he screams in agony. "This is actually some weight I can squat to, not bad!" brags Bull squatting the cocky rookie before dropping him to the mat. Struggling to catch his breath, Kevlar is yanked in a CRIPPLING camel clutch; his gorilla size chest stretched to its limits ready to tear apart as Bull PUMMELS his beefy pecs with meaty forearm blows! "That's why I'm the champ! You stay right there!" orders Bull flexing over the broken newb before locking in a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, "How's that feel? I don't hear you talking anymore!" Clawing the mat in agony, Kevlar is powerless to break free, "F**k you!" dragged to his knees in brutal full nelson. "Put you on my level!" taunts the vet letting go DRIVING his elbow into the back of the marine's skull nearly knocking him out. "Let's go big boy! Where's that strength at?" taunts Bull; the rookie peeling himself up off the floor. Hungry for payback, Kevlar unleashes his power: gut punches, sharp knees to the ribs, a BONE-SPLINTERING body scissors! "You're gonna break my f***ing back!" pleads the heavyweight pinned tight between the marine's quads of steel as an elbow to the ribs breaks the torturous hold. "That was good; I'll give you that!" Back on their feet, the goliaths lock up in a massive mercy challenge trying to break each other's arms! The intense struggle drops the 500lbs duo to their knees; their hulking chests squeezed tightly together before finally letting go. Both behemoths wrap their powerful pythons around each other squeezing as hard as they can in one of the HOTTEST belly to belly bearhug struggles you have ever seen! "F**k, this ain't working!" screams Bull; the muscle giants collapsing to the mat completely winded. Hold on tight as this clash of the titans RAGES on: a tight sleeper, brutal body scissors, meaty forearm blows, chops to the chest, vicious low blow, and DEVASTATING chokelifts! "This is how you chokelift somebody! You make their face turn purple; their eyes roll into their mother f***ing skull!" The marine or the bodybuilder...who will be left standing?