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Kevlar vs Iceman18 - Christmas Chaos 2020 Part 2

$ 25.00

Kevlar's Christmas continues when he steps onto the mat while Iceman18 is practicing his posing. Iceman18 is fresh off the stage from two bodybuilding shows where he is now nationally qualified, and he definitely has the body to show! Kevlar admires the newly sculpted physique of Iceman18 who quickly switches his posing routine into a wrestling exhibition. Kevlar doesn't take too well to Iceman18 man handling him and decides to turn the tables. Using all of his 6'5" 250 lb frame, he punishes Iceman18. Brutal holds, gut punches, and dirty tricks are traded back and forth until one wrestler is knocked out and the other is doing pushups on their face. Who will win this battle of Army vs. Marine?