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Kid Romeo vs Bull & Stallion - Ring Wars 84

$ 25.95

Big vs little fans, get ready for the BIGGEST matchup you have ever seen as the 130lbs vet takes on an over 500lbs tag team! Huddled in the corner, the mountains of muscle lick their chops setting their sights on their tiny prey. "I got a leg bigger than that right there!" mocks Stallion. "He looks like a runner!" laughs Bull. "You gonna be doing some running today, looking like a snack!" taunts Stallion. Kid Romeo stands his ground, "The bigger they are; the harder they fall! One at a time, I want to make it easier for you guys!" Laughing at the naive vet, the tag team formulates their plan of utter DEVASTATION, "I grab his leg and arm; you grab the other one, and we'll just pull him apart!" Stallion enters first tying up with the vet as he wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "You're so tiny! I'm scared I'm gonna break him in half!" The behemoth slams Kid Romeo down SMASHING his skull harder and harder into the ground then hoists him up for a tight full nelson and crushing belly to back bearhug! "You're so light!" laughs the muscle beast swinging the vet around like a child as he gasps for air and tossed down. "Get up!" orders Stallion as he drags the motionless prey to his feet for an ARM-BREAKING hammerlock yanking back on his hair! "Tiny little arm right here!" Kid Romeo's face is pure torture; his bones seconds away from snapping like a toothpick until the brutal hold is released. Not letting up, the Italian giant wraps his meathook hands around the lightweight's throat for a vicious chokelift! "There you go!" coaches Bull from the turnbuckle SALIVATING for his chance at destruction. "I don't even need two hands for this!" flexes Stallion holding him up with one arm as Kid Romeo crumbles to the canvas barely breathing. The 250lbs muscle monster plants his foot on the lightweight's chest pinning him down nearly CRUSHING his sternum! In agony, the vet peels himself up, but his torture continues: sleeper, ab chops, over the knee rib-breaker! "Let me in on this. I want some!" Bull climbs in the ring as the Italian giant passes their broken victim over mid-air. Hungry for pain, the beast lifts the lightweight across his boulder shoulders in a massive fireman's carry. "He is fun!" grins Bull. "He is fun, fun size!" laughs Stallion. The mountain of muscle VIOLENTLY shakes his victim obliterating his abs then launches him into the ropes. Kid Romeo bounces back and suffers a VICIOUS clothesline nearly knocking him out! Large and in charge, Bull drags his prey up for a grueling belly to belly bearhug parading him around the ring, "How's that feel?" Gasping for air, the vet is slammed down as the 265lbs beast continues his assault: clotheslines, STOMPS to the ribs, chokelift. "You ok? We're not done yet!" taunts the beast. "Let's go Bull, he looks kinda scared!" laughs Stallion. Panicked, Kid Romeo backs away as the behemoth wraps him up in another agonizing rear bearhug. "Ok, you win!" groans the vet, but Bull doesn't let go. "Crush his bones!" yells Stallion. The lightweight is SLAMMED from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and desperately tries crawling to escape the torture. "You trying to get away?" laughs the tag team as Stallion rejoins for a 2 on 1 match! Bull wraps his powerful pythons around Kid Romeo in a tight full nelson while the Italian giant CHOPS his chest and HAMMERS his abs harder and harder! The vet screams in pain powerless to even move. "Wooh, getting warmed up, good day for a pump baby!" flexes Stallion as the heavyweight duo uses the 130 pounder for a workout curling him across their gorilla size chests and doing push-ups with him on their rock-hard backs! Kid Romeo tries fleeing through the ropes only ANGERING them more, "You ain't going nowhere!" Bull and Stallion begin their plan to rip the vet apart limb by limb: knees to the ribs, bodysplash, stretches through the ropes, forearm blows, clotheslines, a belly to belly bearhug from FROM THE SECOND ROPE! "Bring him this way!" Stallion climbs the turnbuckle as Bull holds Kid Romeo in place. The Italian giant flies through the air for a forearm smash, but the vet ducks out of the way sending Bull crashing down! "What the f**k? He's supposed to be the guy!" yells the PISSED OFF behemoth pushing the Italian giant into the ropes. "My bad, you let him go! Don't ever push me like that again!" Stallion walks away barely turning around as Bull tries to clothesline the big man; their thick mounds of muscle COLLIDE like freight trains. "Woah bro, you get one of those!" A shoving match breaks out as the tag team appears to unravel leading up to a final SHOCKING twist! Who will be left standing?