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Kid Romeo vs Dom9 - Rough & Ready 129

$ 31.25

"Doesn't matter how strong you are; just how good you look doing it!" brags Kid Romeo flexing and comparing his shredded frame to the muscle beast. "I can see your bones. This is wrestling; you need actual muscle!" mocks Dom9 flexing his bulging biceps, "That's Grade A!" The muscle hunks tie up as Kid Romeo is easily overpowered and STRETCHED across the behemoth's tree trunk leg in a brutal ab stretch; his chiseled abs seconds away from splitting as he groans in pain! "Pick you up like a little baby!" The muscle beast lifts the lightweight across his burly chest curling him up and down before dropping him in a vicious over-the-knee back breaker! Kid Romeo struggles to breathe as the dominant behemoth takes control, "Sit down! I'm gonna show you some real muscle!" Dom9 wraps his quads of steel around the vet in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors flexing tighter and tighter as he screams in agony! Powerless to break free, the lightweight is taken down to the mat where the muscle beast transitions to leg sleeper. "You still awake?" Dom9 slaps his quads over and over taunting his prey as the pressure builds in his skull, "Beef, thick beef!" In desperation, Kid Romeo BITES the muscle beast's calf to break the torturous hold sending him into a rage! The behemoth hoists the lightweight up in a massive fireman's carry when the devious vet tries it again. "Are you kidding me? Stop trying to bite me!" Kid Romeo groans in pain and is tossed down, "Gotta do what you gotta do!" Dom9 drags his motionless victim into a grueling ab stretch and tight scissor/sleeper combo sucking every last breath from his lungs! "What are those abs doing for you now? I told you; you need muscles to be here. This is wrestling!" Kid Romeo gasps for air, "You like tattoos boy? How do you like it when I rip it off?" The lightweight SINKS his teeth into Dom9's other arm as he screams in pain standing to his feet. With the muscle giant weakened, Kid Romeo drags him to his knees in a sleeper hold and locks in a tight full nelson, "Stretch out! Show em those abs!" Dom9 groans in pain struggling to break free, "They're still bigger than yours!" "Size ain't everything!" The vet SLAMS the behemoth face first to the mat and tries to arm bar his powerful python, but he escapes angrier than ever. The muscle giant wraps his meathook hands around Kid Romeo's throat forcing him down to his back as he struggles for air, "Choking's cheap!" "Stand up! Take you for a ride!" Dom9 chokelifts the lightweight then picks him up across his boulder shoulders SHAKING him up and down obliterating his insides before tossing him down, "Done yet?" Kid Romeo stumbles to his feet and charges in lifting the 190 pounder in a belly to belly bearhug! "The little ones you gotta watch out for! Ain't that the truth?" Dom9 is in anguish until the hold is released and surprised at the lightweight's strength, "My chest didn't crush yours right there? Well try this on then!" The muscle beast lifts the vet in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug of his own taunting the underdog, "Just quit! You tried your best!" "Not done yet!" Kid Romeo's chiseled frame goes limp in the tight embrace as he collapses to the mat. The intense battle heats up: crushing body scissors, torture rack, an overhead press, massive scissor/sleeper combo! An over-confident Dom9 lays on his back challenging the vet to try his best move, "Give you a real shot!" Kid Romeo grins in utter anticipation, "That might be the end of you, watch out!" Who will be left standing?