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Kid Titan vs Archer - Battlespace 68

$ 25.95

Archer is a tough guy who has been training and working out hard so he can take on the big guys at Thunders Arena. In this match he gets his chance against muscular Kid Titan, who has about forty pounds on Archer. Kid Titan is clearly confident that he will dominate the smaller Archer. Archers hard work and training pays off as he manages to keep up with the bigger, stronger, more experienced Kid Titan in move after move. Kid Titan shows his impressive strength and skills when he gets Archer in a painful camel clutch and when he breaks out of an arm bar by curling his big arm and throwing Archers 160 pound body across the mat. At one point, the cocky Kid Titan has Archer so beat up that he repeatedly kicks him back down every time Archer tries to get up off the mat, humiliating him by sayingI didnt tell you to get up. For most of the match, these guys really go at it, sitting on each other, applying full nelsons, camel clutches, sleepers, carries, spins and some holds we cant even describe. There is plenty of gut punching too. You can see Kid Titans frustration grow during the match when Archer tells Kid Titan hes going to put him to sleep with the same hold Kid Titan just tried on Archer. Kid Titan later retaliates, telling the smaller guy Nobody mocks me. Ultimately, Archer gets multiple submissions from the bigger Kid Titan with arm bars, an extended dragon sleeper and a crucifix. Its just too much punishment for Kid Titan to take. You will want to see the memorable ending as Archer celebrates his hard fought win with some victory posing, showing off his impressive guns with his foot on Kid Titans muscular chest. This is a must see for fans of little guy dominates the big guy or anybody who enjoys watching two totally hot wrestlers really going at it. Dont miss it.