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Kid Titan Frey over the knee backbreaker pecs chest

Kid Titan vs Flaco with Frey - No Holds Barred 62

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Flake wants to improve on his body and learn to show off his muscles like our big bodybuilders, and Kid Titan is happy to lend a hand! Flaco’s mesmerized by Kid Titan’s massive body and wants to see more. Kid Titan’s flexing for Flaco, but he wants to see what Flaco has himself, they start flexing together and showing off. Flake wants to see more and more of Kid Titan’s ripped muscles, he’s in shock at how huge he is. They’re both about the same height, but Kid Titan is 3 times his size!! Kid Titan starts teaching him some flexing poses and bodybuilder moves, he likes the chance to show off and teach the little guy. Kid Titan’s shocked when he hears that Flaco is already a wrestler here at Thunder’s, he thought he was just coming to train before he actually enters the mat. Hearing he’s already got a few matches under his belt, Kid Titan gets pumped at the idea of showing off his muscles with more than just flexing he actually gets to man handle the little guy! Kid Titan starts grabbing Flaco and throwing him around the mat. He gets on top of Flaco and begins torturing his leg, flexing his massive biceps to bend Flaco’s knee. Flaco claims he’s not in pain, so Kid Titan lifts him far over his head in a chokehold. After dropping him down to the mat, Kid Titan really wants to show off his strength, he picks Flaco back up and begins overhead pressing him like he’s a feather! Kid Titan loves how big he is, and is thrilled to dominate and flex all over Flaco. After dropping Flaco down with a headlock, Frey comes busting into the mat! ‘Woah woah woah woah woah!’ Frey says as he comes running into to break them up. ‘You wanna wrestle you gotta stop picking on the little guys, you’re match is with me’ Frey comes rushing in as Flaco’s night in shiny green workout clothes. ‘Whatever you wanna do, you do it to him, go ahead’ Frey tells Flaco. As Kid Titan easily deflects Flaco, Frey comes rushing in to hold Kid Titan back to allow Flaco easy access to get his revenge against the muscle bound guy. Kid Titan’s strong beyond belief but he’s not the wrestler that Frey is, and he wasn’t prepared to be taking on two guys at one time. They two wrestlers start dominating Kid Titan, making him scream and squirm in ways he was not anticipating before starting the match. Watch the rest of the match to see if Kid Titan gains his footing again to get a comeback against Frey for interrupting his domination match.