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Kid Titan Marco boston crab pecs chest

Kid Titan vs Marco - No Holds Barred 71

$ 25.95

This match starts off with Marco and Kid Titan having a flex off competition. Kid Titan gets bigger and bigger every time we get to see him!! He's unimpressed with Marco's musculature, he grabs onto Marco's bicep, "Flex. No, flex, come on" he jokes around. Marco doesn't like being demeaned like this and starts to make jabs at Kid Titan's fan base and if he even knows how to wrestle. Never backing down from a challenge, Kid Titan dives in head first, and the match is on! Intimidated by Kid Titans mass, Marco goes immediately for his cheap tricks and reaches across to give Kid Titan a ball claw, but Kid Titan hardly even flinches! Instead he picks Marco up into a fireman's carry and starts wrenching Marco hard across his massive shoulders. Marco's screaming in agony to be let down, so Kid Titan drops him hard on the mat. As Marco's catching his breath Kid Titan comes flying in to start crushing Marco between his own biceps in a bear hug. "Ah my ribs! My ribs stop!!" Marco's screaming, so Kid Titan instead pulls his arms back into a full nelson. Marco struggles with all his might but he's just not quite strong enough to break through Kid Titan's iron grip. 

Kid Titan gets every stronger every time we get to see him, but Marco's not about to start losing now. He begins to resort to his dirtiest tricks to weaken Kid Titan long enough to start wearing him down. Marco pulls Kid Titans back hard into a boston crab until Kid Titan's screaming for mercy. Once Marco thinks he's had enough he puts him into his signature schoolboy pin, Marco loves to humiliate the muscular guys, and he's reveling in Kid Titan's anguish. Once Marco throws Kid Titan up against the wall, that's where the fun begins! He starts attacking Kid Titan and smacking across his chest, gut punching him and just destroying the helpless Kid Titan. Kid Titan manages to reverse rolls, but not before Marco sneaks in another ball claw to knock Kid Titan back to his knees.

Kid Titan's got the size and muscle, but Marco's tricks are hard for even the most experienced wrestler to fight against. Who comes out victorious in this No Holds Barred battle of the muscle studs?