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Kid Titan slash bodyscissors pin pinning wrestling grappling

Kid Titan vs Slash - Rough & Ready 84

$ 34.75

Slash is back and on the mats with Kid Titan!  Slash, in white Calvins, has devised a dice game for the two of them – each number on the die represents a hold.  They have to apply that hold on each other until one of them submits!  Kid Titan, wearing a figure-hugging red singlet, readily agrees.  Slash goes first and rolls a 1 – bearhug!  Kid Titan moves in first, wrapping his massive arms high around Slash’s back and applying a crushing squeeze!  Slash’s face contorts in pain as he endures the powerful hold, but he doesn’t submit!  Now it’s Slash’s turn!  Going much lower on Kid Titan’s back, Slash digs his forearms into Kid’s lower back, tightening and squeezing for all he’s worth!  Kid Titan is in obvious pain, but he refuses to submit.  Titan applies the high bearhug again squeezing as hard as he can but, amazingly, Slash still doesn’t give in!  Slash’s turn and Kid Titan is in trouble – the first bearhug from Slash was SO tight that bruising is starting to bloom right on his lower lats, an obvious target!  Sure enough, Slash wraps his arms around Kid Titan in exactly that spot, increasing the pain by magnitudes!  Kid Titan is in agony as his lats and ribs feel like they’re about to collapse from the pressure!  Kid Titan can’t take any more of the searing pain and taps out his submission – round one goes to Slash!!

The die is rolled again, this time landing on 3 – over the knee backbreaker!  Kid Titan goes first again, lifting Slash up and slamming him down hard over his knee, pressing down on Slash’s chest!  Kid Titan is PUMPED as he pours on the pressure!  Slash holds out though and Kid Titan is forced to release the hold.  It is clear that the hold took a lot out of Slash as he recovers.  Slash’s turn sees Kid Titan crashing down over Slash’s knee, Slash also slapping and clawing Kid’s abs for added agony!  Kid Titan absorbs the punishment like a sponge, forcing Slash to relinquish the hold.  Kid’s singlet is working hard to contain his pumped body as he slams Slash down over his knee once again!  Kid puts every ounce of his muscle and power into the hold, determined to win this one.  Slash tries valiantly, but ultimately has to give in and submits!  Kid Titan doesn’t hear at first (or does he?!) and Slash cries out again!  This time Kid Titan releases the hold, Slash tumbling to the mat in pain as Kid Titan flexes and poses over him.  Round two to Kid Titan!

Things take a turn for the nasty as Slash gets mad, forgets about the die and just goes in for a rear choke, stretching Kid Titan out and pulling his singlet straps down to better expose those massive pecs for clawing!  Kid retaliates, lifting Slash and slamming him hard to the mats! Slash trips Kid, quickly slapping on a leg lock before shifting position, sitting high on Kid Titan’s chest and stripping the bodybuilder of his singlet!  Kit Titan is down to red trunks as the two lock up again, this time Slash getting the go behind takedown, manoeuvring Kid Titan into a small package spladle!  As if that wasn’t enough, Slash applies vicious claws to Kid’s stretched taught hamstring!  Sweat is literally pouring off these guys as they go at each other, the friendly game all but forgotten and replaced with all-out war! Both men have an arsenal of holds that they unleash on the other – headscissors, grapevines, chokes, claws, facelocks and more bearhugs!  This is great solid mat wrestling, both men working hard and slicking the mat up with their sweat!  This match will keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the final hold!  Which wrestler leaves the mat victorious and which is left on the mat, passed out from pain?  Get this match now and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!