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Kid Titan Sparrow bearhug lift carry thighs

Kid Titan vs Sparrow - No Holds Barred 70

$ 32.95

#1 Bestseller September 2016

Kid Titan is back to take on the Pinning Machine, Sparrow!

Kid Titan is on the Thunder’s mats, flexing for some progress shots.  Kid has gotten even bigger since his last appearance!  Sparrow sees the flexing muscle stud and starts feeling up his muscle, obviously in awe of the bodybuilder!  Sparrow can’t keep his eyes, or his hands, off of Kid Titan’s body!  Kid is just trying to get some pictures and Sparrow’s becoming a distraction.  Finally, Kid Titan snaps and locks up with Sparrow to teach him a lesson in rasslin’!  Which is exactly what the devious Sparrow wanted and was hoping would happen!  The two men feel each other out as they look for an opportunity to get an advantage.  Sparrow seizes a chance and gets a go behind on Kid Titan, taking the big man down to the mat!  Sparrow has the bodybuilder looking at the ceiling – PIN!  The two men lock up again, this time Kid Titan scoring a front face lock.  Sparrow has some skills though, lifting the muscle hunk and slamming him back down!  Sparrow quickly follows up with his signature GRAPEVINE PIN – he’s scored submissions with this before!  “My favourite position” Sparrow says, as he pours on the pressure – Sparrow clearly loves to be on top!

The two lock up again, with Sparrow commenting on Kid Titan’s outstanding ass – “You’ve got some strong glutes!”  Sparrow scissors Kid Titan, riding him to the mat before stripping him of his shorts!  Kid Titan is now only dressed in barely-there briefs, which are working hard to contain the muscle god’s ass-ets! Sparrow traps Kid in an ass-to-face headscissor, which give Kid the chance to get even with Sparrow and strip him of his shorts!  Sweat covers the torsos of the two studs as they size each other up.  Kid Titan catches Sparrow in a nelson, forcing him to the mat.  Kid Titan is bulging EVERYWHERE as he tries to roll his prey up for a pin!  No cigar though, so Kid instead slaps a REAR BEARHUG on the mat technician!  Sparrow needs to recover, but Kid Titan won’t give him the chance, trapping Sparrow in a crushing front bear hug!  Sparrow is screaming as Kid Titan’s massive biceps crush his chest inwards, his ribs bending under the relentless pressure of Kid Titan’s formidable muscle!  Kid releases Sparrow, only to wrap those huge arms around his neck in a choke hold!  With Sparrow weakened, Kid Titan seizes the moment and slaps a headscissor on Sparrow, before grabbing his leg and pulling it back in a classic STUMP PULLER!  Sparrow’s hamstring is stretched to breaking point as he yells out in agony!  Kid Titan knows this is it and mercilessly pulls back until Sparrow submits!

Sparrow is not done though as he comes back at Kid Titan.  Slams, headlocks, up-close flexing, knees to the ribs, these two are going all out on each other.  A crushing face lock has one wrestler screaming in agony as his neck is worked HARD!  An incredibly SEXY PIN, followed by a brutal, bouncing TORTURE RACK seals the fate of one wrestler!  

Can Sparrow can get the submission from the hunky bodybuilder? Or will Kid Titan clip the Sparrow’s wings!  Get this match today to find out!