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Kid Tough vs Blayne - Mat Rats 120

$ 25.95

WARNING! a match so BRUTAL; the ending will leave you in shock!

Blayne circles his prey inspecting the new competition, "I got some fresh meat. What do they call you?" "Kid Tough!" He decides to teach the newb some wrestling moves starting him in the referee's position, but each move involves Kid Tough's face being slammed into the mat. "This is how you break someone down! Hold on, let me catch my breath; I'm a veteran!" The rookie reaches his breaking point and SNAPS rolling Blayne off him and locks in a sleeper. "What's wrong old man, can't keep up?" Kid Tough leans back pulling the vet into a scissor/sleeper combo as Blayne struggles, "Not too bad; squeeze hard. You're warming me up!" The vet escapes delivering a vicious low blow sending the newbie crashing to the mat. A BALL AND CHAIN has Blayne in complete control as he transitions to a chokehold. "Is that all you got grandpa?" The arrogant Kid Tough breaks away showing the "old timer" what a real chokehold is, but Blayne retaliates with a massive shoulder carry. "Put me down fatty!" orders the rookie. "You know what you need, a good torture rack!" The muscle stud lifts the lightweight on his shoulders SHAKING him up and down as he screams in pain and is tossed to the mat! These boys are out to destroy each other: bearhug, back breaker, an ab rake, pec claw! Blayne delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors slapping his quads to inflict more pain, "Enjoy that squeeze down there!" The rookie is in agony but manages to trip the vet to escape. With Blayne on the mat, Kid Tough locks in a tight full nelson/scissor combo. "I hate full nelsons!" groans the vet as his chiseled chest is stretched to its limits. "I'm here to show you old timers how it's done!" The muscle stud isn't about to be disrespected by a young punk; time to play dirty. Blayne recovers, picks up the newb, and delivers a vicious ATOMIC DROP sending him crashing to the mat. Kid Tough can barely move as the devious vet continues his torture and CRUSHES his groin with his foot! The rookie is writhing in agony as the brutal beatdown goes on: a massive bow and arrow, crippling camel clutch, gut punches, a Boston crab! "I can sit it in deeper if you like!" taunts the vet. Kid Tough is struggling but still won't give up. Blayne takes a break to pose for his fans when he's surprised by a NECK-BREAKING full nelson! "Get on your knees!" The vet groans under the tight grip, "You know how this match is gonna finish? You're gonna be on your back looking up at me as I walk away from you!" "Time to retire!" Blayne breaks out and wants revenge kicking Kid Tough and delivers a PILEDRIVER nearly breaking his neck! The cocky rookie still won't shut up moaning, "Still not on my back!" A mercy challenge has both muscle hunks evenly matched. With neither side giving up, they battle in back and forth KICKS TO THE ABS knocking the air out of each other as they crumble to the mat! Blayne takes control and bodyslams the rookie mounting his abs with his arms pinned to his sides. The dominant vet tortures Kid Tough with a double pec claw, gut punches, then rolls him into a sleeper, "You can fight all you want!" The arrogant rookie struggles to escape, "I thought I had to watch you walk away? You got Alzheimers?" His efforts are futile, and he passes out! Blayne is about to wake up his victim, when Kid Tough springs up taking the vet down with a blow to the knee! "You were faking it?" "That's right!" Elbow drops, low blows, back breaker, pec claws, and sleepers lead to a brutal finale! "We're gonna finish this with you getting ab punched into submission! I want you to cry uncle until you can't feel these anymore!" Trust us, you won't believe your eyes!