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kratos kid titan bodyscissors submission hold submit pain torture

Kratos vs Kid Titan - Mat Rats 48

$ 29.95

Handsome and hunky Kid Titan is doing some pushups. When he takes a break for a drink of water, Kratos knocks the bottle out of his hand, clearly trying to provoke a fight so he can have some fun beating up the smaller, but muscular Kid Titan. Kratos looks amazing in a pair of skin tight powder blue square cuts that really showcase his big thickly muscled body. Kratos laughingly mocks Kid Titans name, telling him hes a kid, not man, and asks Kid Titan if he has a problem with Kratos. Kid Titan foolishly takes the bait, and locks up with the powerful, bearded bully. Kratos easily manhandles Kid Titan and shoves his face into the mat, laughing as he asks if thats all Titan can do. But thats just the start of a complete domination and humiliation of the muscular Kid Titan by the cocky powerhouse Kratos. Kratos begins the beating with a massive bear hug then throws Kid Titan down and pins his arms to the mat. Kratos mocks Kid Titan telling him to defend himself and calling him pathetic. But the power in Kratos tree trunk legs, big arms and thick beefy chest is just too much for hunky Kid Titan. When Kid Titan tries a bear hug, Kratos just laughs, then punishes the pretty boy with a few brutal bear hugs of his own. Kratos easily manhandles Kid Titans muscular body, putting him into upside down bear hugs, spinning him around with ease, flexing and laughing at the same time. This is so much fun grinning Kratos brags as he throws Kid Titan around. He puts helpless Kid Titan into a headlock, points his face at the camera and tells him to say hi. Kratos has total control over Kid Titan for almost the entire match, repeatedly sitting on Kid Titans back, pinning him with his muscle weight while shoving Titans face in the mat or flexing his big bicep in Titans face. Kratos verbally humiliates Kid Titan telling him to fight and saying maybe one day Kid Titan will grow up to be a man. Kratos uses his tree trunk thighs to clamp poor Kid Titan in a head scissors, flexing and joking at how easy it is to dominate Titan, comparing it to wrestling practice. Kratos uses his incredible power to apply camel clutches, headlocks and full nelsons, all the while mocking and taunting Kid Titan. Do something, give me a challenge. He says to Titan while he has him in a hold. Cocky Kratos compares his tree trunk legs to Kid Titans muscular, but much smaller thighs, slapping his huge legs with pride. When Kid Titan tries to fight back and pushes Kratos against the wall for some gut punches, Kratos just laughs. Then Kratos easily manhandles Kid Titan to the mat and applies another leg scissors with his powerful legs, telling helpless Kid Titan to fight back and laughing at how easily he is dominating the smaller guy. Kratos rolls Titan over and puts him into a ball and chain, encouraging Titan to struggle, then laughing as he says Titan is a joke. Kid Titan manages to get Big Kratos into an over the knee backbreaker and asks the big muscle beast if he gives. Kratos just laughs and tells Kid Titan never. Kratos physical domination of Kid Titan continues until Kratos puts Kid Titan to sleep with a headlock. After Titan passes out, arrogant Kratos does some serious flexing with his big powerful body. Then he decides he wants to punish the handsome hunk some more and wakes Kid Titan up. As Titan comes to, Kratos tells him Youre still in hell. and puts the poor guy in a punishing full nelson. Kratos laughs at his own brutality as Titan once again passes out. This time Kratos declares that Titan is done and he flexes over him while grunting like an animal. Not satisfied at his complete domination of Kid Titan, Kratos picks him up, throws him over his powerful shoulder like a rag doll and carries him off the mat. This match leaves no doubt that Kratos is one totally dominant muscle beast who really enjoys beating a guy up.