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kratos specimen camel clutch choke chokehold choking submission submit thunders arena

Kratos vs Specimen - Bodybuilder Battle 76

$ 31.25

Fans have been asking us to put powerful tough guy Kratos in a match with one of the bigger guys on our roster. Kratos has so far decimated almost every opponent with the incredible power in his thickly muscled body and the merciless brutality he enjoys using on opponents. Some fans want to see if he can dominate Thunders biggest and strongest wrestlers. Others want to see the bearded, muscular bully get put down by one of our veteran big guys. So we set up a match with Bear, a cocky 250 pound hunk of beefy muscle with lots of experience beating guys up. If youve seen Kratos prior matches, you know he likes to feed his ego and humiliate opponents by making them say his name when he gets them into a painful hold. So when Bear makes fun of Kratos name and calls him a bitch, its not long before Kratos goes wild and crashes into Bear, knocking the big beefy beast to the mat. Bear retaliates with some gut punches and a two handed choke, lifting Kratos off the mat. Kratos laughs at the pain and breaks the hold by landing a powerful punch to Bears ribs. But just as Bear is returning to offense, he is injured and unable to continue. We knew Specimen was eager to get a match with Kratos and show the bearded tough guy who is the top Alpha Stud at Thunders. So we gave him a call and the big bodybuilder quickly agreed to take over the match. When Specimen and Kratos stand chest to chest its an awesome sight. Looking at Specimens massive, muscular body, Kratos says Holy shit, thats a bigger version of me. They compare their hugely muscled physiques and do some flexing. Specimen comments on Kratos massive, hairy quads, saying hes got more hair on his quads than his bearded face. Kratos compliments Specimens huge quads and muscle mass, but also tells Specimen hes got a cute baby face and needs a beard and some body hair like Kratos. But Kratos huge ego only lets him be civil for so long and he tells Specimen he is tired of his baby muscles and to Get the funk off my mat. Not surprisingly, Specimens ego cant tolerate that disrespect and the two musclemen lock up. The action is unreal. These two have so much power they can put each other in holds that few other wrestlers could handle against such a big opponent. There is lots of ground action on the mat as well as full nelsons, scissors, over the shoulder carries, backbreakers, two handed choke lifts and lots of bear hugs and gut punching. Kratos resorts to his usual brutal tactics, with devastating punches and kicks to Specimens ribs and abs over and over. Only a hugely muscled beast like Specimen could take such a pounding without serious injury or broken ribs. Specimens power and mat skills are on full display as he picks Kratos up and throws him around, applying arm bars, cradles and other holds. Both of these alpha musclemen taunt the other with cocky trash talk throughout. Kratos tells Specimen he will remember his name when he is done with him and makes repeated wisecracks about Specimens smooth hairless body. Specimen calls hairy Kratos Sasquatch. Specimen shoves his huge bicep in Kratos face and asks him if he can see that shit. Kratos rubs his hairy chest in Specimens face and laughs as Specimen tries to turn away. As they each push their incredible power to the limit trying to dominate, their bodies glisten with sweat . They do a mercy challenge that goes back and forth for almost a minute before being ended by a cheap shot from Kratos. Each of these big musclemen succumb to a sleeper at the hands of the other, but each time they are woken up by the opponent who wants to inflict some more punishment. Who will get the final victory? Get the video and see the surprising finish. This match is viewing heaven for fans of big cocky musclemen going at it on the mat.