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kratos take gut punch punching abs

Kratos vs Tak - Battlespace 82

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Kratos was scheduled to wrestle newcomer Skyler for this match. But when Skyler sees Kratoss thick muscles, tree trunk legs and huge glutes bulging out of a skin tight square cut, he is so intimidated he walks out. The video starts with a clip showing Skyler meeting muscle beast Kratos. When you look at Kratos, were not sure you can blame Skyler for getting the hell out of there. This left us with a huge problem because Kratos was looking forward to dominating some guy on the mat. We pay Kratos to wrestle, but we know he does it mostly for the fun of using his power to make an opponent submit to him and beg for mercy. And its a really, really, bad idea to disappoint Kratos. So we had to find someone who would wrestle this beast. The production team scrambled and managed to get TAK to fill in for Skyler. When Kratos sees TAK, he asks TAK if he is there to stick up for his boyfriend Skyler. Kratos laughs when TAK flexes, saying TAKs body is like a schoolgirl. Realizing that TAK will be no match for him, Kratos gives TAK a few opportunities to walk away. But TAK bravely, or foolishly, tells Kratos this is his mat and refuses to walk away. What follows is one of the hottest squash matches youll ever see. Its muscle bully against muscle boy. Arrogant Kratos uses the incredible power in his thick beefy body to do pretty much whatever he wants to handsome muscle twink TAK. Kratos totally dominates TAK with lots of punches to the ribs and gut, bear hugs, over the shoulder and over the knee backbreakers, camel clutches, choke lifts, a humiliating ball and chain and lots of humiliating verbal abuse. Kratos is maniacal as he beats up the little guy, grunting like an animal one moment then laughing the next as he enjoys watching TAK endure the pain from Kratos physical punishment. Kratos calls TAK a little bitch, laughs at how light he is, flexes his huge arm right in TAKs face telling him thats what a real man looks like, pulls the peach fuzz off TAKs chest while telling TAK one day he might be a real man with a hairy chest like Kratos, ordering TAK to say Kratos name over and over, telling TAK to squeal, flexing over TAK and laughing at the little guy as he makes him scream in pain over and over again. TAK makes some effort at fighting back with a few elbow smashes and gut punches, but they have little effect on rock solid Kratos. The big man quickly reasserts control after each effort by TAK and laughs at TAKs efforts to fight back. At one point Kratos tells TAK a hold he tried was cute. Kratos sits on TAK, throws him around the mat and puts his foot on TAKs chest over and over as he enjoys his total domination of the tough, handsome little guy. Kratos finishes TAK off by putting him to sleep with a two handed choke lift, then throws him to the mat and presses his thickly muscled, hairy pecs in TAKs face. Talking as though he is a god, Kratos calls the defeated TAK a mortal bitch. As Kratos flexes his powerful, thickly muscled body over beaten TAK, there is no doubt this big beast really enjoys dominating and humiliating his opponents. If you get turned on watching a big, cocky, bearded bully having an ego trip beating up a handsome little blonde guy, this is the match for you. Its pretty amazing.