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Kuma vs Davin - Vegas Battles 149

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Kuma 220 lbs vs Davin 320 lbs

- Davin and Kuma flex and compare muscles flexing and getting more pumped, vascular, and sweaty

- Davin wraps Kuma up in a chest to chest bearhug lifting him off the mat and squeezing the air out of Kuma's body!

- Kuma struggles against the power of Davin. A test of strength from their knees displays how powerful Kuma is taking Davin to the mat! Kuma demands Davin submit to him! Will Davin give in to Kuma's power?

- Kuma grips Davin by the throat insulting his masculinity! Davin explodes and snatches Kuma into a full nelson. Kuma's face turns bright red as he fights to breathe as Davin pulls the full nelson tighter and tighter!

- Davin twists Kuma up and stretches him out in a banana split. Ripping Kuma's groin apart, Davin shows no mercy! Davin pulls Kuma out of the banana split and into a face first head scissors. Kuma starts talking smack and Davin takes the torture further to shut him up. Will Kuma have to submit?

- Kuma still has fight in him, but Davin knows just how to finish him off. A massive choke lift from Davin has Kuma lifted up and struggling for air! Will Kuma pass out?

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