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Kuma vs Dom9 - Custom Video Series 135

$ 25.95

Voted Thunders Arena RIVALRY OF 2021

Kuma vs Dom9

Kuma is flexing on the mat in his Las Vegas Villa when Dom9 comes out of nowhere and shoves him out of the way. "Get the F*ck off my mat!" When Kuma says he needs to flex better, Dom9 is having none of it. He wants to get straight to the action. A tie up leads to Kuma out-powering Dom. He gets him on the mat with his hands around his throat and begins to choke him out. A frustrated Dom refuses to keep the match going and walks off. But he sneaks back as Kuma continues his flexing and knocks him over the head with a foreign weapon. A confused Kuma is groggy from getting knocked over the head with Dom's weapon. When Kuma refuses to stay down, Dom has no choice but to pull out a dirty trick and grabs Kuma between the legs. "STAY DOWN!" He then takes a quick muscle worship of Kuma's massive pecs before trying to hold him down with a No Hold Barred style schoolboy pin. Kuma fights back, but Dom gets the pin locked in. A struggle for dominance begins when Kuma throws Dom off. Dom gets the advantage lifting the 230 pound muscle monster Kuma over his shoulders. He then carries him off the mat and deeper into the Villa. Kuma catches Dom grabbing another weapon to use, but Dom uses a distraction to grab another and SMASHES it into Kuma's face. Then he goes back and grabs another and BRUTALIZES Kuma again. Kuma is knocked out bent over a chair and Dom uses the weapon striking him repeatedly before sitting down and locking in a headlock using the chair to his advantage. Surprisingly, Kuma is still conscious and breaks free and gets Dom in a TIGHT sleeper hold. Fighting against Kuma's power is useless and Dom begins to fade. He reaches and grabs the monitor on the side table and hits Kuma again. Kuma flies across the room and Dom is in hot pursuit. He grabs Kuma's face and shoves it in between his huge thighs in a face first head scissors. (The action is all caught on ceiling mirrors in a HOT scene!) Kuma breaks away and locks Dom up in a standing head scissors before lifting the 210 pound wrestler upside down. He then throws him away and smashes on top of him. Dom uses the time to feel the defined glutes of Kuma before he is humiliated in No Hold Barred schoolboy pin with Kuma squeezing Dom's head between his beefy quads. Dom eventually fights out and uses a ball claw to gain his advantage. He locks in a DEEP sleeper hold. Kuma fights but starts to pass out slowly and painfully. A last effort sees him break out and crawl away, but Dom grabs a very large suitcase and LAUNCHES it across the villa directly into Kuma's back. Dom then grabs a vanilla protein shake and smashes it across Kuma's chest which sends the creamy liquid exploding across his body! Dom sees his chance and rubs it in before LICKING IT OFF KUMA'S CHEST! "WE ARE BOTH GONNA BE REALLY STICKY AFTER THIS." Dom then takes the plate next to them and barrels it into Kuma's head over and over knocking him out. He then muscle worships the knocked out bodybuilder. When Dom wakes Kuma up, Kuma is ENRAGED! He takes Dom down and bends him in half. Dom tries to crawl away, but Kuma chases him down and jumps on top of him. He shoves Dom down into the mat and uses his full body weight to pin him down. He then picks him up and locks in a vicious camel clutch. Flipping him over, Kuma attempts a pin but Dom pulls Kuma's face deep into his chest. Kuma fights pushing on Dom's hard, pumped up chest. He breaks out and stomps down flexing over Dom as Dom is grabbing away at the defined quads on Kuma. Another surprise ball claw bends Kuma over. Never losing grip from between Kuma's legs, Dom worships his chest before hitting Kuma with a low blow with his knee! Going down hard, Dom jumps on top of Kuma and grinds into him as he cross-faces and rips into his shoulder. Kuma will not give in. "KEEP THAT UP BIG BOY AND I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU F*CK WITH ME!" Dom flips Kuma over and shows him who the man is pinning his face down with his thighs. Another weapon comes into play and Dom still cannot knock Kuma out! He then grabs his throat with his hands, but Kuma breaks out and reaches out of nowhere to grab Dom's throat. A brutal fight to the end leaves one bodybuilder sprawled out on the mat and the other sweaty and bruised.

This one is intense from start to finish!