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Kuma vs Falcon - Mat Wars 155

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Kuma - 220 lbs. vs Falcon - 150 lbs.

Kuma snatches Falcon up like a little boy into a full nelson! The look on Falcon's face shows he immediately regrets talking trash. Kuma yells into Falcon's face "IMA MAKE YOU A MAN, BOY!" before throwing him against the concrete wall! Kuma smashes his fists into Falcon's shredded abs. Falcon will not stop talking so Kuma pulls him off the wall and suffocates him in a chest to chest bearhug. Falcon lifts Kuma up in a bearhug of his own. Kuma entertains the small wrestler letting him have this move.  When Falcon lets go, Kuma decides to launch him up in a MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS! Kuma parades his victim around the mat holding him up in the air like he weighs nothing! Is Falcon ALREADY defeated? 
Kuma wants to hurt Falcon even more. He yanks him off the mat and pulls his arms back in a vicious chicken wing! Falcon screams out in pain begging for mercy! Kuma has no mercy to give! He lifts Falcon up and drops him into a torturous back breaker! Falcon fights dirty and hits Kuma with a low blow! He seizes his only opportunity and locks in a full nelson on Kuma. Falcon shows some fight, but stands no chance against Kuma's power. Kuma lifts him in an upside down bearhug demanding he give up! Will Falcon give in to Kuma again? Kuma punishes and teases Falcon and forces him to compliment and feel on his muscles. Can Falcon distract Kuma and sneak out a win? Or will Falcon be pummeled into quitting again?