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Kuma vs Jessie Lee - Mat Wars 147

$ 25.95
$ 26.00

Kuma has a problem with Jessie being in Thunders Arena! What is Kuma's issue? He stares down Jessie and flexes in his face laughing at his attempts to flex for the camera. Jessie has enough and pushes Kuma inciting a tie up poolside! He lifts him up over his large shoulders and bounces him up and down painfully. Veteran Eagle notices the two guys fighting outside and drags them both inside to the mat room. "WE DON'T WRESTLE IN THE STREETS!" Jessie instantly jumps on Kuma's back and locks in a sleeper hold. Kuma has enough and stands up slamming his smaller opponent on the mat! He stand him up before hip tossing him back down violently! Then again. AND AGAIN! Jessie has been smashed and moans in pain. Kuma has become infuriated at this point and continues bashing Jessie. Jessie lifts Kuma up but the 235 pounder is too much for him and he falls allowing Kuma to get the pin. 1! 2! 3! Kuma arrogantly celebrates in Jessie's face who attacks him, but to no use. Kuma powers him down locking in a head scissors using his massive quads. Jessie fights back but Kuma's size and strength appear to be too much for the smaller wrestler to take on. Kuma uses big power moves, including MULTIPLE SUPLEXES to assert his dominance. Jessie continues to try and sneak attack Kuma, but Kuma uses chest to chest bearhugs, BRUTAL chokelifts, HUMILIATING wedgies, and a VICIOUS torture rack to injure and insult his opponent. It doesn't look like Jessie will make it out of this match uninjured....