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Kuma vs Joey McCoy - Custom Video Series 130

$ 25.95
$ 31.59


Kuma is standing outside getting a workout in wearing his wrestling singlet waiting for Joey McCoy to wake up. Kuma begins throwing insults at the size and strength of Joey McCoy. A tense exchange leads Kuma to showing Joey how to use a dumbbell before their match starts. As Kuma makes Joey wipe his sweat off, Joey starts to hint that Kuma has too much muscle in order to take on someone with as much endurance as him. A quick display of his strength, has Joey McCoy gaining confidence before the match until starts to pose and puts him to shame. Kuma says he is done and is going to hit the shower, but Joey McCoy lands a vicious low blow as Kuma is walking away. An angered Kuma lifts Joey in a chest to chest bearhug and marches him inside before throwing him away on the couch passed out. Kuma heads to the mat room to wait for Joey to wake up so they can start the match they were supposed to have earlier. The camera is drawn to Kuma flexing his muscles as he waits for his victim to enter. Joey McCoy enters in dramatic fashion leaping on to Kuma's broad shoulders and putting him in a tight sleeper hold. He takes him down and teases another low blow before locking in an arm hold. Kuma's strength is overwhelming as he easily throws the small wrestler away and begins punishing him. Any time Joey McCoy thinks he can get an upper hand, Kuma displays his superhuman power and dismisses him easily, often stepping on the smaller guy and flexing his massive muscles. However, the match takes a turn when Kuma starts to slowly wear down and become exhausted. A crafty Joey McCoy takes advantage putting Kuma in a sleeper hold and choking him out! As Kuma is passed out, Joey starts to work over the arms and legs of Kuma with elbows and kicks before stripping him out of his singlet exposing a tight pair of silver trunks. An exhausted Kuma is slowly broken down by Joey McCoy showing more and more brief displays of strength with power moves and holds that nearly break the much smaller Joey McCoy. Joey McCoy sticks to his game plan of breaking down the massive amounts of muscle in the legs of Kuma. A frustrated Kuma finally makes it to his feet, and hits Joey McCoy with A PUNCH DIRECTLY TO THE FACE NEARLY BREAKING HIS NOSE! Kuma takes over his concussed victim locking in a head scissors and camel clutch leaving Joey McCoy groaning in agony as he flexes over him. Joey McCoy goes back to what worked before by hitting Kuma with another BRUTAL low blow. He then locks the muscle giant in a dragon sleeper. Will Kuma break out and deliver another power move to take out his smaller opponent, or will Joey McCoy pull out an unlikely upset at Thunders Arena?