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Kuma vs Joey McCoy - Vegas Battles 107

$ 25.95

Joey McCoy is out flexing waiting for his next match when within seconds Kuma rushes out and SLAMS him down to the mat. He jumps on him and locks in a sleeper hold. Throwing him back down again and locking him in a vicious camel clutch. Kuma is not wasting any of his time to completely take apart his tiny opponent. He continues to beat Joey McCoy down harder and harder. "That all you got? COME ON!" Joey McCoy is not one to back down, even though he is much smaller than the 230 pound Kuma. He stands up but is immediately lifted into a SMOTHERING chest to chest bearhug. Kuma again forcefully slams McCoy down into the mat before pinning him down and wrapping his giant hands around the thin neck of McCoy. Kuma continues his rage-filled beatdown until McCoy has no choice but to grab Kuma's ankles and hold on for his life. That doesn't last long when Kuma uses his brute power to kick McCoy across the mat. Torturing his victim slowly and painfully, Kuma takes McCoy apart limb by limb. "That's how you do it little man!" exclaims Kuma while he flexes his perfect bodybuilding physique for the camera. He makes McCoy get back up to keep fighting. The professional experience of McCoy allows him to capture Kuma back up in another ankle lock and transitioning into a grapevine. But Kuma once again uses his power to punch McCoy in the abs and break away. He jumps right back into choking him out and using his beefy quads to squeeze McCoy's head like a grapefruit. McCoy groans in pain as Kuma does not relent the punishment. Over and over and move after move Kuma rips apart his suffering wrestling opponent. After a long struggle, Kuma decides he wants to GORILLA PRESS McCoy. He presses the small wrestler before throwing him from above his head back onto the mat. Giving him no break, Kuma jumps straight to punishing the back of McCoy with a Boston Crab. A quick flex and show off for the camera pans to McCoy crawling to the feet of the bodybuilder, only to be jerked upside down and POWERBOMBED into the mat! The painful lesson continues limb by limb with Kuma nearly popping McCoy's arm straight out of socket. "You need to be big to be in this arena! LIKE THIS!" When McCoy says Kuma isn't that big and they are basically the same size, a flex off begins. One wrestler obviously dwarfing the other in the competition. McCoy uses the good 'ol show me your bicep trick to put Kuma into a hammer lock. That doesn't contain Kuma's power for very long, as he easily breaks out and the squashing of McCoy continues in an even more brutal manner. Kuma dismantles McCoy enjoying seeing him in so much pain. McCoy fights for as long as he can, but it looks like Kuma may be too big and much too powerful for him.

(Watch for a quick cameo by a fan favorite at the end!)