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Kuma vs Stallion - Vegas Battles 115

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Kuma is flexing on the mat talking about how he is tired of wrestling new, small guys that can't compete with him. All of a sudden, the curtains from the Vegas villa whip open and the 6'3" 270 pound STALLION walks through. "SURPRISE MOTHERF*^KER! WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU?" Kuma is caught off guard by the massive bodybuilder standing next to him. Stallion wastes no time challenging Kuma to a bearhug competition. Stallion is not impressed at all by Kuma's chest to chest bearhug. He throws him off and locks in a brutal bearhug, lifting Kuma off the ground. Stallion wins round 1 of bearhugs and the two meaty bodybuilders lock back up. Stallion heaves Kuma over his shoulders and carries him around the mat. He throws him down, stands over him, and wraps his gigantic quads around Kuma's head attempting to pop it like a watermelon. Kuma struggles out and takes Stallion down to the mat. Using a pin and choke combination, Kuma loses his grip and Stallion locks in a triangle hold. The two bodybuilders break apart. Standing and immediately locking back up, Kuma lifts 270 lbs. of Stallion beef over his shoulders. When he drops and attempts to flex over him, Stallion hits Kuma with a strike in the leg and takes him back down. He jumps on top of him and locks in a deep boston crab hold trying to break Kuma's back. The onslaught continues with stomps to the back and a mean camel clutch. Stallion then beats Kuma's head into the mat over and over and over! He gets an arm lock, but Kuma's strength overpowers Stallion and he breaks free. Stallion doesn't let that phase him, and gets Kuma in a choke lift. He throws him down and continues his attack with a strong pec claw. "That's a good chunk of meat right there." Kuma has had enough and launches an attack of his own. Giving back every move that Stallion did on him...but in an even more violent manner. Stallion takes a good amount of damage before he can use his weight to flip Kuma over. He gets in a tight rear choke hold and Kuma is slipping away before Stallion gives him some VERY HARD AND VERY REAL gut punches. A furious Kuma flips Stallion over his head and gets a choke hold of his own. Stallion has no choice but to tap out or pass out. He fights until he passes out onto the mat. Kuma believes he has reclaimed his number one spot and flexes for the camera. HOWEVER, Stallion slowly wakes up and Kuma has no clue! He comes behind Kuma and grabs him in a full nelson. "OH YOU BEEN SHOWBOATING HUH?" He then lifts the 230 pound bodybuilder into a torture rack. Slamming his feet and slamming Kuma's body up and down on his shoulders. He drops him face first and pulls him up into an over the knee backbreaker. He throws punches into Kuma's abs. Kuma is not going to back down. He gets up and comes back at Stallion. Stallion fights to keep control and puts Kuma in a side headlock pulling Kuma's face into his juicy pecs. The action doesn't slow with Stallion lifting Kuma into a chest to chest bearhug and begins to squeeze the air out of Kuma. A back and forth leads to Kuma having Stallion in a standing head scissors. That is until Stallion decides he wants to stand up with Kuma on his shoulders! Only to throw him off his shoulders to get more action. Stallion throws a THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE into Kuma's face and chest. Kuma will not give up, though. He gets up and gets a bearhug of his own. He drops down and locks in a sleeper hold. Stallion begins to fight for air, but Kuma will not let go. His forearms bulge into Stallions neck and Stallion's eyes begin to roll into the back of his head. Will Stallion go down to Thunders Arena's bodybuilding superstar, Kuma?