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Kyle Stevens vs Batar - Mat Rats 12B

$ 31.25

Kyle Stevens vs Batar

Welcome Back Batar, Meet Kyle Stevens! After his last beating given to him by Johnny Bravo, Batar took a year off to train to beat the bigger guys. He approached Mr. Mike and asked him to put him against one of his better wrestlers. Mr. Mike instantly thought of Kyle Stevens. When Batar meets Kyle on the mat they start comparing muscles. When Batar realizes he's smaller Batar starts shooting his mouth off. This sets Kyle Stevens off and he grabs Batar and starts tossing him around like a rag doll. Kyle starts in with his power moves of gorilla pressing him 14 times, putting him in bone crushing bear hugs, and his ever popular choke lifts. Batar never really got his offense going and became another victim of Kyle Stevens power and aggression in total domination.