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Kyle Stevens vs Mighty Mouse - Mat Rats 17

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Newly released from our vault

Kyle Stevens was here doing a filming when the camera guy Mighty Mouse started telling him he could not pose very good. Kyle gets really insulted a "little camera guy" would make fun of him and challenges him to a match. They lock up and Kyle immediately powers up and drives Mighty Mouse's face into the mat. Mighty Mouse just starts getting crushed over and over by Kyle in all kinds of terribly painful moves. One point Kyle puts Might Mouse in a bearhug so tight he tries to punch his way out of the hold it was so painful. Kyle responds back with another massive slam into the mat. Mighty Mouse asks for Kyle to give him a shot, so Kyle lets him have one. Mighty Mouse gut punches him and you can tell Kyle feels them. Mighty Mouse is so frustrated that he can't do anything so he tries to shake Kyles hand to catch him off guard but Kyle catches him in a head lock and reminds him how fast he can go face first into the mat. Things calm down a little mid-match and they do a pose off with Batar, as judge, choosing the winner. When Batar chooses Kyle as the winner Might Mouse freaks out and runs his mouth only to cause Kyle to choke slam him, bearhug him, and head scissor him more to get him to SHUT UP! Kyle really does knock the wind out of him several times and school boy pins him flexing over him. Yet when it's all over Might Mouse stole the footage from Mr. Mike and created his own ALTERNATIVE ENDING, included in DVD and Download, so you can choose which one you like best to win this match.

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!