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Labor Day 2016 with Marco, Beast, and Frey

Labor Day 2016 with Marco, Beast, and Frey

$ 31.25

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life at Thunder’s Arena would be like?  What happens on a shoot?  What do the guys get up to behind the scenes?  Just how much junk food can four guys get through on a car journey?  And who in Hollywood does Mr. Mike think he is?

Mr. Mike, Frey, Marco and Beast are on a wrestling road trip to the beach for some outdoor fun and Labor Day match action.  After a perilous journey in the pouring rain (and some questionable food choices!), the foursome finally arrives at the beach where the wrestlers strip down to their shorts to check the waves.  The guys are fooling around and flexing as Mr. Mike gets the camera ready.  Frey starts mouthing off about how beautiful he is, blaming the lousy weather on the ‘ugly’ looks of Marco and Beast.  Naturally, this stirs up some heat and Marco sneaks up behind Frey, wrapping him up in a full nelson!  Marco and Frey wrestle in the shallows of the ocean as Mr. Mike and Beast watch on.  Frey pushes Marco over into the surf, quickly applying a figure-4 leg lock!  The surf washes over them as Marco suffers.  Frey scoops Marco up over his shoulder, holding him there and flexing before slamming him back down into the water!  Frey snapmares Marco into the waves!  Marco and Frey are so focussed on each other that they don’t notice when Mr. Mike sends Beast into the, well, fray!  Beast barrels into Frey, knocking the Beautiful One into the water.  Frey tries to get away, but Beast follows, stalking his prey!  Frey grabs a handful of sand and throws it in Beast’s eyes!  That’s one way to slow someone down!  Frey lifts Beast, but Beast rains down on Frey with forearm blow after forearm blow.  Beast catches Frey in a rear bearhug, but Frey manages to squirm out, going for a single-leg takedown on Beast.  Beast, showing incredible agility for a man of his awesome size, performs a somersault kick to Frey’s face!  Frey is clutching his face as Beast stalks up behind him, straddling him for a scissor hold.  Frey senses the danger, pulling Beast’s legs out from under him and sending the big man down into the water.  Frey drills his fists into Beast’s abs, before they lock up again.  Beast gets Frey down into the surface, mounting him and pounding on him – Marco comes in for the save!

Marco hurtles at Beast, pulling the muscle monster off of Frey and lifting him over his shoulders.  Marco carries Beast further out into the ocean before slamming him down into the water and flexing for the camera!  Marco walks back to the shore, confident that he has ended the threat from Beast – but Beast proves that he is just as deadly in the water as he is on land and he storms out of the sea, wrapping his massive arms around Marco in a rear bearhug and dragging the hapless wrestler back into the surf.  Marco is thrown down and dragged back up again – Beast clamps on a tight headlock, crushing poor Marco’s skull!  A cheap shot from Marco gives him the opportunity to escape and clamp on a bearhug of his own!  Marco carries Beast back into the shore where, sensing that Beast has now been weakened, Frey once again attacks!

There is no direction here, no script – just three alpha wrestlers doing what they do best!  Awesome close ups!  Amazing POV in-match action!  This is a video like no other at Thunder’s, or anywhere else!  It’s about the closest you can get to a shoot without actually being there and it’s an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE – it really is one of a kind!