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Lance Romance Mario bearhug back lift carry thighs arms

Lance Romance vs Mario - Bearhug Challenge 01B

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Lance Romance and Mario set out to test their bearhug skills against each other but get distracted. Neither is too impressed with the talent they had witnessed the day before, a day that climaxed with a giant drunkfest the two are still recovering from. Mario is tired of squashing all the twinks the Arena keeps throwing at him, and he eyes Lances ripped physique, calculating how worthy an opponent this guy might be. The two trade gibes, sizing each other up, still blearily hung over, taking special note of each others abs and obliques. Big talk turns into an impromptu gut-punching contest. As might be expected of a couple of hotheads like these two, tempers flare, and jabs at the abs just wont cut it anymore. Mario snatches Mr. Romance up in the bouts one and only legitimate bear hug, but its a doozy. Still reeling a bit after last nights Cuervos and Jagermeisters, Mario and Lance then proceed to kick each others ass in a primal ritual of male bonding.

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!