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Marco over the knee backbreaker Lex pecs chest

Lex vs Marco - Mat Wars 43

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

Lex is back at Thunders Arena, ready to tangle with rising superstar Marco. Marco gives some now-familiar lip, Phase 1 of the mind games he likes to play with opponents. He criticizes Lexs spray on tan right off the bat and badmouths Lexs mother. Laid-back Lex doesnt rise to the bait. Hes mystified that the abrasive punk has been undefeated by some of the Arenas biggest and best. To Lex, Marco looks like a walking, talking Whac-A-Mole, begging to be hammered down ... and maybe he is, but Marco has yet to face anyone with the balls to do it. Lex keeps his cool until Marco takes a swipe at Captain America; then we see a flash of fire in his eyes. Lets see you go, Pretty Boots, he says, an edge in his voice. When Marco tells him to kiss those boots, the two lock up ... and its on!

Marco lunges low and grabs Lex by the ankle for a neat takedown. Lex rolls over on his hands and knees in the standard refs start position, and Marco climbs on top, locking into Lexs arms and legs, trying to flip and pin him. Failing in that, Marco backs off, and Lex rises, taunting the muscle boy for his limited experience on the Arena mats. Never intimidated, Marco just smiles at the insult, pleased that his opponent now underestimates him, Phase 2 of the Marco game plan. Lex heaves Marco up on one shoulder and body slams him. Marco returns the favor and puts Lex in a pinning position, tea-bagging him for added humiliation (Phase 3 in action). Lex replies with an over-the-knee backbreaker that bends the pretty boy in two. Marco low-blows him and snags him in a head scissors and arm lock combination. Lex escapes and snap-mares Marco, who bounces back to his feet, Lex yanking at his hair.

A second snap mare, and Lex targets Marcos back again before binding him in a figure-four leglock, which Marco reverses strenuously and painfully. A full-nelson stretch shows off Lexs beefy torso but fails to garner the desired submission. A war of words accompanies the struggle, Marco calling Lex a doughboy and Lex calling Marco an amateur. Halfway through the match, the score is even, until Marco reaches around one hip and between the thighs and lifts the veteran up and smashes him facedown on the mat. A choke and scissors combo doesnt do the trick. Neither does a single-leg crab variation. But clearly the fight has taken a turn in Marcos favor. Lex is huffing and sweating, but Marcos just getting started.

Fans of Marco like the way he toys with opponents, wearing them down to a whimper and a squeak with incessant bodily assaults. He is a master of the death by a thousand cuts approach, and the way he works Lex here is exemplary. The lithe amateur ties the veteran in knots, bending him in directions the human body was never meant to bend. He uses his full body weight to inflict trauma on Lexs spine. In a mere matter of seconds, Marco makes this fight all about Marco, his sinewy body now glimmering with sweat as he poses over Lexs groaning brokenness. A standing head scissors has Lex kneeling in front of the kid, head clamped securely between Marcos steely thighs for seemingly a full minute before Marco pile-drives his face to the mat. Not once, but twice! And Marco is far from finished with Lex!