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Lex the Brit armbar submission hold submit arm pain torture

Lex vs The Brit - Rough & Ready 57

$ 25.95

Up for a little rough horseplay with The Brit? Yeah, we thought so. Its the new British invasion here at Thunders Arena, and The Brit, our dashingly handsome and silver-tongued new recruit, is leading the charge. Lex is on hand to teach his friend the basics of pro wrestling. The Brit is game, more than just game: eager. Dont go easy on me, he urges his new mentor. He wants to parlay his military background and boxing skills into a second career on the Arena mats. Lex is ready to lend a helping hand. Its a hard enough transition to move from one continent to another, but pro-style wrestling is a far cry from the Marquess of Queensberry Rules of boxing. Lex introduces The Brit to the side headlock takedown, the throbbing heart of catch-as-catch-can wrestling,which originated, interestingly enough, in Victorian Britain. Whether any of this is actually new to The Brit or whether The Brit is simply toying with us gullible Yanks is a mystery, but he tells Lex, You need to go a little slower. He feints a few punches in Lexs direction, playful warning shots whose basic message is that The Brit will take a good fight any way he can get it. Lex tries to communicate the concept of the power move to his protege. He heaves The Brit up on one shoulder and slams him on his back. The Brits body arches involuntarily, but he is apparently unfazed. How did that feel? Lex asks, as if concerned he may be pushing the new guy too hard. Like heaven, says The Brit. The two chuckle good-naturedly. I know you like it rough, the American jokes. Maybe Lex knows only the half of it. After only two tries, The Brit nails the move. Not so hard, he quips, with nonchalant charm. Next Lex shows The Brit the arm bar, another classic pro-wrestling control move. The Brit complains of unnecessary roughness. Lex is not buying it this time. I thought you were in the military, he says. This is war ... Thunders is war. Sensing his instructors implied challenge, The Brit asks him if hed like to see some military-style hand-to-hand combat. Lex is skeptical but willing. The Brit shows him a tactic for disarming a knife-wielding assailant. The move is smooth and lightning quick, tipping Lex off that The Brit is probably goading him. Lex starts to push back verbally, telling The Brit he looks like a boy band and urging him to lose the accent. The accent stays is the curt response. Tensions escalate, becoming rawly apparent when Lex demonstrates, perhaps a bit too forcefully, a chop to the chest. The Brit recoils and warns him not to try that again. Dont be a dick, he insists. Do that again and see what happens. The challenge is too big a temptation for Lex, who immediately lets loose another stinging chop to the pecs. Hes met with a stiff slap to the face. I think youre getting too big for your trousers, Lex warns the curiously fast learner. He snap-suplexes The Brit and locks the lads legs in a standing figure-four hold. The Brit escapes by boxing Lex in the nuts. Now the fight is definitely on. Lex retaliates with a side headlock and hair pulling, then a snap suplex. Then, on his back, legs spread, The Brit finds out what Americans mean by wrecking balls. One thing you dont know about Brits, my friend: We dont give up. Fair warning before a rough-and-tumble row that rises above mere horseplay to hardcore tactics like the bear hug and the piledriver. The Brit proves he is positively ready for Thunders Arena. Dont let the suave and charming exterior fool you. The Brit means business, and he will not hesitate to mess a bloke up