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Lion vs Cason - Vegas Battles 145

$ 25.95

Muscles pop and pump up as Cason and new guy Lion slam their bodies together on the mat! Cason takes Lion down easily using a banana split. Cason lifts him off the mat and over his shoulders bouncing Lion's rib cage up and down! Cason fights dirty slamming Lion down to the mat and pulling on his toes. Lion gets out and moves behind Cason locking in a full nelson. Cason uses his body to flatten Lion into the mat and slams himself on top of him. Cason sits him up and pulls Lion's shoulders back into a tight full nelson. Cason gets cocky and starts talking trash using a Boston Crab to hurt Lion. Lion springs up jumping into a schoolboy pin on top of Cason's chest. Cason fights up with Lion on his back, but Lion has in an aggressive rear sleeper. Cason starts to fade out...Will Lion make Cason pass out?

Lion flexes talking trash before Cason slaps him taking him back to the mat. Stepping over Lion, Cason uses a standing head scissors to try and pop Lion's head like a watermelon! Cason drops to the mat positioning himself for his signature figure four lock! Lion is now slipping off to sleep! When Lion gets up, he lunges at Cason and wraps him in an ab stretch. Cason displays his power, lifting Lion up across his back showing every single ripped ab on his sculpted body. Cason throws Lion down on his face. He locks Lion's legs and leans him back into an impressive hammock! Lion is beginning to slow down and Cason smells blood! Cason tosses Lion up into a chest to chest bearhug. Lion fights hard, but is no match for the power of Cason! Cason brutalizes the rookie with bearhugs, sleeper holds, and a vicious torture rack! The rookie definitely learned a hard lesson today!