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Lion vs Dom9 - Vegas Battles 146

$ 34.75

Dom9 allows Lion on the wrestling mat poolside to show off his shredded physique. Dom and the rookie lock up and Dom immediately gets the upper hand. Slamming Lion to the mat Dom wraps his massive quads around Lion's body and squeezes! Lion will not give up and fights back but Dom's power is too much for the rookie. The bodybuilders start to edge closer and closer to the pool. Lion pushes Dom over the edge and attempts to drown him! Dom fights away and the action goes back to the mat. Dom doesn't forget the drowning attempt and locks Lion in a camel clutch and dunks Lion's head underwater! Dom wants Lion to kiss his bicep now, but when Lion refuses Dom shoves the rookie into the pool! Leaping in after him, Dom moves the action into the water! Action shots above and below the water shows both muscle studs using bearhugs, body scissors, headlocks, and full nelsons to battle out for the win.

Dom has enough of the pool and carries Lion inside the villa and tosses him inside across the mat! The intense action continues and both wrestlers warm up fighting with sleeper holds, head scissors, and figure four headlocks before Dom decides it is time for Lion to go to sleep. Dom locks in a DEEP sleeper hold. Lion fights but cannot resist. Dom repeatedly puts him out over and over. Is the rookie done?