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Lion vs Stevie - Vegas Battles 144

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Stevie immediately locks the new rookie Lion up in a side headlock squeezing as Lion struggles to break free! Lion breaks out and pulls Stevie into a rear sleeper hold. Stevie uses his strength to hip toss Lion clear off the mat! Lion attacks but Stevie gets him into a head scissors. The trash talk from Stevie begins, but Lion is not going to put up with it pushing Stevie's legs off and lifts him up in a BRUTAL TORTURE RACK! Slamming Stevie to the mat, Lion takes time to flex for the camera. 

Stevie jumps up and lifts Lion into a bearhug. Lion reverses and gets Stevie into a chest to chest bearhug squeezing harder and harder! A back and forth bearhug competition leaves both men exhausted. Lion uses an over the knee backbreaker to finish off Stevie. Stevie uses his experience to counter Lion with a tight full nelson. Stevie tells Lion to flex in order to catch him off guard with a series of gut punches! Both wrestlers exchange gut punches against the window nearly breaking through the glass! Stevie is dropped to the mat and Lion uses a ball and chain move to torture him. Stevie is surprised with the skill of the rookie Lion but he refuses to be shown up! It is a showdown of muscle in an even battle. Will Stevie be beaten by the rookie Lion? A massive choke lift ends the match for one wrestler leaving his victim laid out on the mat!