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Logan Javy D lift and firemans carry power powerful slam

Logan vs Javy D - Rough & Ready 62

$ 31.25

This encounter begins with a posing session...and a chance for the confident JavyD to flash his Hollywood smile while flexing for Logan. After some mutual admiration - comparing pecs, triceps, biceps - the Gun Show is over. Javy has an impressive physique, including a superb scorpion tattoo on his peaked right bicep. As the guys compare their broad, thick backs, and Logan begins to massage Javy's shoulders, then his abs, which evolves into a volatile disagreement over the nature of this meeting- Logan giving Javy a massage - and the expected payment for that service. Things heat up quickly and violence insues, as the offended and dissatisfied Javy puts Logan into a bearhug, But Logan seems to see this as an opportunity to appreciate the power and muscularity of Javy's arms and chest, which momentarily distracts Javy...so that Logan can reverse the hold and get Javy into a bearhug, then into a choke hold, then into a full nelson! Javy struggles and threatens revenge, eventually "Hulking out" and escaping from Logan's arms and attacking him. Logan grabs Javy's head, locks it under his arm, and proceeds to punish Javy's abs, which drives him to his knees.

Logan topples Javy onto back, and goes to work on his shoulders, with more occasional pec bashing thrown in. With Javy's head between his thighs, Logan punishes his elbow with hyperextending pressure. Javy is at Logan's mercy now, so Logan can admire Javy's pecs and biceps, much to Javy's objection. Logan traps Javy's knee and shoulder, so he can apply a painful full torso stretch. Is Javy laughing, somehow enjoying Logan's undivided attention...or is he crying in pain?

Escaping from Logan, Javy applies his bearhug, but Logan manages to get under Javy and traps his ankle and knee, wrenching them until Javy is nearly incapacitated with pain. Logan relents momentarily, but secures a camel clutch, which has Javy's back in torment, as Logan sits into it, cranking Javy's ankles toward his shoulders in an excruciating, unnatural contortion. Logan releases Javy, only to put him over his shoulders and pull his head toward his knees, wracking Javy's aching back even more.

Logan drops Javy onto the mat, steps on his injured back, and flexes in triumph, taunting Javy until he can't stand it any longer. Javy traps Logan's head between his thighs, and cranks his elbow- how the tables have turned! With Logan incapacitated, Javy tempts him by flexing, just out of reach. Logan can't resist Javy's pecs and abs, even with his head trapped between Javy's quads, until he manages to get Javy's head trapped behind his ankle, and force Javy into an ab stretch. From there, Logan applies a humiliating schoolboy pin on Javy, flexing over him and reaching back to punch his abs for good measure. Logan really presses his advantage, right in Javy's face...as he kicks and struggles.

But Javy has had enough! He climbs onto Logan's back, and pulls his ankles toward his shoulders, torturing Logan's ankles, knees and back in revenge. Logan tries to elbow out, but Javy only makes Logan suffer more intensely. Amazingly, Javy grabs Logan's wrists and ankles, and swings him in a back breaker, unitl the pain makes Logan pass out, cold. Javy dumps him onto the mat, and goes in search of the payback he believes he so richly deserves.