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Loki Cason and Kasee Flex off at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Loki & Cason vs Kasee - Mat Wars 112

$ 34.75

Three muscle titans enter, but only one will be left standing in the end! Cason and Loki flex on the mat totally ignoring Kasee. The smaller wrestler pushes them around, still no response. "Let's do a double bi!" Loki's bulging biceps clearly take the prize as Kasee flexes in their faces. "I'll give you the legs. You need to work on those arms, chest, and back." mocks Loki. Kasee is annoyed, "Do you guys not see me? I'm the muscle god right here!" The beasts flex their ab vacuums. "Do I not exist?" Finally, Cason locks Kasee in a tight full nelson. "You don't even know how to do that right!" Kasee is ignored as Loki takes over. "I'm not a rag doll!" groans their victim as the hold is released. "You seem to think you're a good wrestler, but I haven't seen any strong man moves," says Cason. "Show me!" The vet lifts Kasee in a TORTURE RACK shaking him up and down. "You're a little winded there!" Loki mocks Cason's strength. The muscle Adonis drops his victim and sits on his back flexing. "This is your wrestling move?" laughs Loki. Kasee groans under the weight as Loki repeats the same move asking, "Who weighs more?" Kasee screams in pain struggling to breathe, "You win the award!" The lightweight gets up pushing the big boys away, "I could take you both on if I really wanted to!" Loki lifts Kasee in his own TORTURE RACK, "Stop squirming!" He throws his victim down and gets ready for a Boston crab competition. Cason goes first then passes him on to Loki, "Let's see tubs!" The rookie has no problem locking it in tight, "Let me show you how to do it!" "Not again!" Kasee is in EXCRUCIATING pain as the hold is released. 
Cason flexes. "You're going back to the bicep You just can't compare!" Loki shows the vet what big muscle looks like. They decide to torture their victim together. Cason wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around Kasee in a body scissor. Loki grabs his legs splitting them apart with his foot inches from his balls. "I need you to tell me who is buffer me or him?" asks Loki. "I'm the buffest one here. You guys are both fat!" WRONG ANSWER! Loki drives his foot into Kasee's balls as he screams in agony! "Who's bigger?" "Me!" Loki drives his foot in deeper; Kasee is about to pass out! Cason switches positions and straddles Kasee's chest. "Who's bigger?" The muscle vet grinds his knuckles into their victim's forehead as Loki slams his balls. "Alright you're bigger!" howls Kasee, but he doesn't say who, so the torture must continue. "Let me get up!" Loki helps Kasee up by lifting him in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug. The blood rushes to the lightweight's head as he starts to pass out under the pain. "Looks like you're struggling there!" Cason takes Kasee off Loki's hand. They pass their lifeless victim back and forth in upside down bearhugs and toss him down. The heavyweights decide to have a push up contest on top of Kasee crushing him under their weight. Two handed, one handed, even clap push ups! "Don't wanna break his sternum," says Loki. "Probably doesn't feel good!" laughs Cason. "You guys are fat!" groans Kasee as he gasps for air.
Loki goes for a chokelift. Kasee jumps on the bodybuilder and begins climbing up, over, and all the way around Loki, back to his gorilla size chest. "What is this? Are you a monkey?" Even Cason is in complete shock, "What was that?" The underdog is just getting started, takes down the 220lbs rookie, and GUT PUNCHES his abs. "Screw you guys!" "Whoa, whoa!" Cason pulls them apart. Kasee is tired of being ignored and used as a human punching bag. What happens next is one of the most insane endings in Thunder's history! The heavyweights groan in pain; their thick muscles struggle to break away. "Can you fight it?" moans Cason. "What is this? What is going on?" Kasee declares, "Boys it's time to go down! I told you not to mess with me!" The muscle monsters are left on the mat ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED, and Kasee is the last man standing! How did he do it? You gotta see it to find out!